China - The Sad, Embarrassing History of the PLA and Why China Would Struggle Taking Taiwan

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Outcast Redeemer
Outcast Redeemer

USA: The country that only had a few years of peace in its entire history
Russia: The country that has been the brunt of genocide and survived because they were more violent than the ones trying to kill them.
China: The country that has lost every war and conflict it has ever fought in including its own civil wars and has not changed its tactics for over two millennia.


I think the biggest thing people underestimate is how much of a logistical nightmare that 8 hour travel time would make an invasion, 8 hours for the taiwanese to see an invasion fleet coming, 8 hours to keep taiwanese anti ship missiles torpedos and bombs from turning the transports into coffins.

The chinese airfoce having to operate continuously against competent opposition for so long and over such a distance is going to be going through planes and pilots at a obscene rate by the end of it.


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