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A Concerned Rifleman
A Concerned Rifleman

For context, FA implemented new rules banning any "minor coded" characters.

If you're wondering what that is, that's not "minors" that's "anything remotely related to being small".

This will axe thousands of pictures, including but not limited to shortstacks, kobolds, mice, and of course, Rouge.

All for the sake of protecting a drawing's right to consent.

If you're wondering, yes, Dragoneer is a fucking dumbass and this will axe his own content as well.

Known Memes
Known Memes

This is exactly what many lolicons and those who defend who loli art have been saying for years. Censoring something is always going to lead to more censorship. Why do people who dislike certain art and want it gone, banned or censored always thinks that it's just magically going to stop there and not spread to other things too, things that you may also like and enjoy? Where does this kind of thinking come from?

"well loli art is not really even that popular, most people dislike it, so it makes sense to ban it before it normalizes this and that"

It's literally one of the most popular tags on Nhentai according to this:

And over one million works on Pixiv:

And still, none of it have been normalized unless by normalizing you mean people talking about it and posting it on the internet and not talking about it in real life with your family and other people then yes, it is normalized. I'm still confused when something is normalized and when it isn't honestly.

What's next on the line? MLP porn because it's "zoophilia" because these characters have four legs and also has the most porn in the west? Twilight Sparkle is still the first one according to this:


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