Acoustic black metal

Acoustic black metal

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Somewhere around 1997, while grindcore band Anal Cunt was on tour, two of its members, Seth Putnam and Josh Martin came up with an idea of making a black metal parody band. However, there was one problem: it was late night in some hotel and everybody else was sleeping. What was the solution? Acoustic guitar, whisper/growl and ‘drumming’ with hands, knees, bed and walls.

The result was obviously terrible (because what else could be created by guys from a band called ‘Anal Cunt’ anyway?), but definitely lulzworthy. Putnam and Martin created a hand-drawn front and back covers and invented song titles (as there were no real lyrics) combining parodies of black metal style (long names, tons of adjectives, pathos, Norway, satanism) and typical Anal Cunt style filled with random insults and pure absurd.

The band, later called Impaled Northern Moonforest, recorded an album and a single, played a few concerts and was forgotten even by its members. The internet however didn’t forget. In 2006, the video for song ‘Return of the necrowizard’ made (purposedly poorly) in Flash has been released on Newgrounds (and soon deleted). Year later, community for growing fanbase of acoustic black metal has been created at .

As the community grew, some kind of abm ‘mythology’ has been created. Based on song titles of INM and followup bands (including ‘legends’ like Norwegian Warfare, Aaron Burrr, Trvekvlt or Inverted Crossvortex). There was Necrowizard, evil mage and lord of acoustic black metal, and there was his enemy Unnecrowizard. Earth appeared to be too gay for abm musicians, so they’ve travelled to Abzagorath and Planet Norway. Overexaggerated black metal slang mixed with profanities and some lolspeak created slang used by acoustic black metal bands and fans. Abm community grew in complexity.

However, its true greatness begun while acoustic black metal arrived to, becoming one of the most notable inside memes. Many new bands were arriving here, avoiding the old abm community. The tag ‘the most frostbitten and grim music from the very very very very very very inverted mountains of kxziiiimfghhhblaghl’ used on at first to describe abm bands became rather popular way of describing funny music of any kind. Though nowadays forgotten, acoustic black metal is one of the most important old memes of

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