Can't Break My Stride

Can't Break My Stride

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Can’t Break My Stride,” also known as “Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride” is a YTMND fad that originated from a 2006 YTMND consisting of a clip from My Name Is Earl Season 1, Episode 9, “Cost My Dad The Election” set to the 1983 hit Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder. The fad has evolved to include clips of other people or characters with strides that cannot be broken as well as remixes of the Earl clip.


The song “Break My Stride” was released in 1983, where it reached number 5 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. It had been used in several commercials and was covered by dance group Unique II and German band Blue Lagoon.

On February 26th, 2006, YTMND user syncan created the first Can’t Break my Stride YTMND. It has been viewed over 130,000 times.

In the scene, Earl, the protagonist of the series, is chased by a “no-legged man” after an encounter with the “no-legged” man’s girlfriend. For more information on the episode and the series, see the episode guide.


Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride
Nobody gonna slow me down, oh no
I got to keep on moving
Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride
I’m running in a one touch ground, oh no
I got to keep on moving



Many spinoffs were created in 2006, like Big Time Stride, with over 144,000 views, Christian Bale – You BROKE my STRIDE with over 27,000 views, and How My Stride Did Not Gets Broked by Jake, age 9 with over 23,000 views.

A few months after the original went up, people began using the music to showcase those with broken strides:

Additionally, a few sites parodied the Earl clip:


YTMND was not the only place to see “Break My Stride.” Since 2006, there have been parody and remix videos of the song:

Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, June 2006

Assorted movie clips, July 2006

The Sims, June 2007

Stick Figures, August 2007

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, November 2007

Maple Story / My Name Is Earl mashup, December 2007

Thomas the Tank Engine, March 2008

Various dancing images, May 2008

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