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Crocoduck is a fictional hybrid creature used as a creationist argument against evolution.


In March of 2007 former child star turned born-again fundamentalist Christian Creationist Kirk Cameron went on ABC’s Nightline to refute the theory of evolution using a rather unique hypothesis: Because there is no Crocoduck, God exists.

After having his theory discredited, Cameron appeared on Bill O’Rielly’s show to prove that since there is no cross between a duck and a crocodile, evolution must not exist.

On May 11th, the subject reached Metafilter.

On May 13th 2007, Urbandictionary user Naton created the first defintion.

“One of the most prominant icons of modern day Christianity, the Crocoduck is capable of dispeling all arguements in favour of Atheism and Darwinism simply by not existing. Its sworn enemy is the platypus, which, in harsh contrast, is capable of proving god does not exist by existing.”


On May 12th, 2007 knev123 created the first Crocoduck YTMND.

That month, another five Crocoduck YTMND’s were made ranging in views between about 400 up to nearly 20,000.


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