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CSI 4 Pane Comics

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The CSI 4-panes are a series of exploitable comics centered around Lt. Horatio Caine (played by David Caruso), the protagonist character in the popular police procedural show Crime Scene Investigation: Miami. The comics typically begin with Lt. Caine describing a particular situation before putting on or removing his sunglasses, followed by a one-liner uttered in a dramatic manner.


While the exact origin remains unknown, a YouTube video is credited as the beginning of the fad. Uploaded on November 4th, 2006, the video entitled “CSI Miami – Endless Caruso One Liners” shows a montage roll of CSI: Miami actor David Caruso saying a corny one-liner just before the intro song of the CSI (“Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who):

Because of Caruso’s overuse of both one liners and wearing his sunglasses, some people were quick to criticize the actor’s talents. However, fans of the show and other YouTubers found the video hilarious, who began flooding the comments section with “YEEEAAAHHH!”, the segue between Caruso’s one liners. The actual use of the phrase “YEEEAAAHHH!” didn’t begin until YouTuber “MrQuick927” posted the following comment:


YouTube Comments

By then, multiple comments appeared on the video’s comments section. As of now, it is a very common thing to see it in the videos comments. Where as the comment above didn’t receive much praise, the meme itself now tends to generate a lot of approval by users because of its witty nature.

4-pane Comics

While the YouTube comments continued to grow throughout 2006, the phenomenon reached its turning point when the four-pane exploitable first appeared in a webcomic via Desomnd Seah’s blog Bigger Than Cheeses[1] in June 2007. Often used to provide commentaries on another user’s comment or upload, the comics also serves as a joke on one of the most overused tropes and repertoires in the show.

Since its online debut, the four-pane has spread across other internet humor forums like Fazed Forum[2], Ebaum’s World[3], FunnyJunk[4] and Memebase[5].

RIT People[6], a university site, has since launched a page dedicated to the the show’s meme. The page contains an image of sunglasses, and when clicked, the intro song plays with the singer yelling “YEEEAAAHHH!”. The original creator of the page and the date it was launched is still unknown.

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