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In World War Two, there was a Mad Scientist named Dr. Von Richter. To escape being captured and triaaled at the Nuremburg Trials, he fees to South America.
While in South America, he creates various humnoid creations. One of his series was the Cyber series.
One day Von Richter starts kiling all of the Cybers, because they are disobediant. Only two Cybers remain alive: Cybersix, and Cyber29 (whose brain was transplanted into the brain of a pather named Data7, before this genocide began).
Cybersix escapes with a black man she called "Dad". One day, Von Richters minions go to the fishing village where the two were hiding in. They kill 'Dad', because he refused to tell where Cybersix is. Cybersix escapes to the city of Meridiana. She takes the Identity of a boy that died in a car accident, Adrian Seidelman.

Life is good, until, one day Cybersix runs out of Sustenance (a greenish chemical she needs to consume in order to stay alive). She finds a Techno (aother creation of Herr Dokter) prostitute, and steals sustenance fom her. She then takes a black catsuit, cape, heels, and hat from her wardrobe. From then on, she goes out on the proll at night, looking for some sustenance.


Cybersix was orginally a comic series made in 1993. It was adapted into a live-action series in 1995.

In 1996 an anime series called "Cybersix" was released. Unfortunately, the series was cut after 13 episodes.



All of the Cybersix episoodes are available n Youtube as of February 2013.

As for the comcs, no official english translations for the comics has been made, but a blogger (Pharmadan) has been translating the comics. He has currently completed the translation of Volume 1.


Notable Quotes


"You can come after me, but I won't run."



“Just proves again that brilliance always floats to the surface.”

-Von Richter


“Come back to me, work with me, and I will free you. As a team, we will be unstoppable.” 

-Von Richter


“Data7, watch this. That is Cybersix!”

-Von Richter


Cybersix: “Where did you come from?”

Elaine: “Von Richter. I was sent to find and destroy you.”


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