Darec the Seeker

Darec the Seeker

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Darec the Seeker also known as Darec was a 14 year old boy (15, last seen) before his disappearance. He was last seen in Orlando, Florida in 2003. He was brutally injured by his close friends and was left to die in an abandoned home that was rumored to once been owned by a demonic entity named Abigor. He woke up with no memory of his past and only the memory of the ones that had killed him.


 photo DarecCreepypastawip2_zps423851d8.png


On March 2, 2004, he manifested what was titled as “The List” and went on a mass murder spree to hunt down and kill his ‘dear old friends’. His first friend, the one that had ripped out his eyes, was seen with his eyes ripped out of the sockets and enlodged into his mouth where he had then choked to death. He had died on March 2, 2004.
The second friend, the one that had cut off his fingers, was found the next year on the same day crying behind an abandoned store. When the police had question him he’d say, “Darec is alive. Darec is inside us. Darec is watching.”. He is the only known person to survive his attack. When the police had asked him what he looked like, the person had responded as him being able to stretch his fingers and tongue to incredible sizes, white glowing eyes, and having a face appearing inside his mouth. He had been found by Darec on March 2, 2005.

Darec at night

The third friend, the one that had beaten him up the most, had been severely killed the harshest out of the group. This was his closest friend. It is told that his arms were chopped off with a machete that was found lying next to him, his entire upper body was destroyed by a bucket of acid that was forcefully placed inside his stomach, lower body and legs were chewed off by what has been assumed as a huge animal, and was later found inside his bedroom under his bed covers. He was found by Darec on March 2, 2006.

It has been feared that he may have been possessed by Abigor or has been given his abilities. The police had studied his murdering dates and have come to realize that he kills anyone that had once known him and were close to him every year on his birthday. Within the course of time he has additionally ‘found’ his parents, sister, girlfriend, one additional friend, and a teacher. Even though there is no way of truly knowing, it is possible that he was last seen on March 2, 2012 where he killed his English teacher. The school was put on lock down as security officers and police searched for the person responsible for her death. They were met with a piece of paper that read ‘She has been found’. After testing out the slip of paper in a lab they’d found no traces of finger prints.

He only appears to kill when it’s dark outside or around 7pm-4am. The only phrases he’ll say to his victims are “You’ve been found.” or “There you are!”

Police Reports

May 4, 2013: Pet Sighting.

An autopsy was conducted on the old woman’s dog. A picture was found inside the dogs intestines wrapped in a plastic bag.

 photo cittycat_zps793b6a9d.png

This leads the authorities to assume that Darec has a pet cat that may be an aid in the killing of the dog.

March 2, 2013: Police report.

The suspect is still at large and has killed over 2,069 people in the past 10 years with only 10 people actually being on his list. We brought in test subjects to try and confined Darec so we could finally end his killing spree across Florida but it came to a terrible end with the two test subjects being found the next day hanging from a nearby tree with no limbs.

Darec has been known to leave pictures of himself for the newer victims days before he attacks them and one more after on their carcasses. People think that he does this for people to know how he looks or to show off his beauty. There has been sighting of him around Daytona Beach and Tampa each on the same day where he had killed a old woman and puppy and a bus full of children. We are issuing a new alert system when anyone has sightings of him that should come into effect in 2014.

March 2, 2012: Police report.

The suspect, presumed to be Darec, has killed a teacher named :name withheld: which had issued a school wide lock down to find and capture the him. We had ran to the different levels of the premises. The search took over 2 hours with the end result of the lights turning off school wide with only one light left that was in front of our party of six. There was a note on the ground. The note had said “She has been found”.

March 2, 2012: Police report.

The girl, :name withheld: was found dead the next day with her throat cut open with a cooking knife.

March 1, 2011: Police report.

A rare sighting of Darec has be found outside of Florida. He was reported to be in Lawton, Oklahoma roaming inside of the military base. Many bystanders and soldiers didn’t know of his history and assumed he was a kid of a soldier. A 16 year old kid saw him walking down the street. Darec stopped suddenly and stared at the girl for a couple of seconds. She immediately ran into her home locking the door and called 911. There was knocking coming from the window that the girl was hiding around. The police kicked the door down and the knocking faded away.

March 2, 2010: Emergency Police Report.

A woman was pronounced dead in her home. She was seen with her guts hanging out of her body and a bloody picture of Darec shoved in her mouth.

March 2, 2010: Police report.

We have a lead to his migration patterns. He can be found on March 2nd in Orlando, Daytona, Tampa, Tallahassee, or Miami. No word yet if he could migrate out of Florida.

March 2, 2009: Police report.

Just as expected. Darec came back the next day to come and behead the store cashier near the Amway Center.

March 1, 2009: Police report.

A picture has surfaced of Darec in a store near the Amway Center. He made the picture distorted to keep how he truly looks hidden. His features are different from the other pictures. His hair has been cut shorter. It is still a mystery why he likes to take pictures of himself. This is the first picture to be found without a night vision filter and without having his tongue sticking out to inhumanly lengths.

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