Eat Da Poo Poo

Eat Da Poo Poo

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Eat Da Poo Poo is a series of video remixes based on a clip from CurrentTV’s Vanguard: Missionaries of Hate, a documentary that explores anti-homosexuality campaigns in Africa. In the original footage, Ugandan pastor Martin Sempa lectures his audience with an overly sensational and biased account of what he sees as homosexual fetishes in extreme details.


On May 24th, 2010, YouTube user dudeuter uploaded EAT DA POO POO. The clip focuses on anti-homosexuality propaganda presentations by Ugandan pastor Martin Sempa.


The video went largely unnoticed until the last week of May. On May 29th, the video was embedded on

On May 31st, Reddit user Dimesyl created the thread TO eat DA POOPOO! Uganda speech about homosexuality, freakin hilarious, I started crying while I was laughing because of it =D reaching Reddit’s front page with 285,791 readers.

The same day, the video was posted to by RabidMadness.

June 1st, Digger jrod4040 submitted EAT DA POO POO” [video]" to Digg where it was Dugg 285 times, falling short of making it to the front page.

On June 2nd, blogger Perez Hilton posted the video on (Point B on the chart) exposing the video to a larger audience. Hilton called the video “infuriating, truly sad, and ridiculous anti-homosexual presentation,” adding, “you sort of can’t help but laugh due to the sheer insanity of it, but it’s still so unfortunate that this kind of misrepresentation still exists in the world! EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL!”

The same day, Eat Da Poo Poo appeared on and in the Encyclopedia Dramatica forums.

On June 4th, YouTuber Ray William Johnson took notice of the video, featuring it in his own video entitled “You Be Nasty.” Referral views from RWJ’s video to the original are marked at Point A on the graph above.


Although Perez Hilton and Ray William Johnson were responsible for driving many views to the video, they were not the only ones to discover it. Plenty of other YouTubers were creating their own remixes of the video; many before either Hilton or RWJ had posted about it.

On June 1st, theoriginal77 created “Chocolate Soft Serve (Eat da Poo Poo Remix)”

The same day DJ Horsey Horse uploaded EAT DA POO POO! DJ Horsey Horse BOOM BOOM Video Remix.

On June 2nd, BartBaKer created the Autotune Remix.

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