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GAME OVER YEAH! is a video game voice over clip that is a favorite among YouTube Poop contributors and has been used in obscurity until recently. Popularity of the clip over many years has now spawned it’s own series of exploitable videos on YouTube.


This meme originally comes from the Sega Saturn game Sega Rally Championship. The game over would say, in an upbeat theme, “GAME OVER YEAH!!!!”. There are some multiples of the sound clip on YouTube from different versions of the game but the most watched version is from the Dreamcast version and has received in excess of 400,000 views since being uploaded in January 2008.

YouTube Insight on the video reveals that the earliest links to this iteration come from the SomethingAwful Forums as early as April 2008, mostly in threads from the Games or FYAD forums. The ProjectCovo Forums and reddit would later start referencing the video as well.

One of the first uses in a YouTube Poop was in the video Exploding Bats may result in GAME OVER YEAH! (embedding on the video has been disabled) posted in December 2007.

Even before being used in YouTube Poop videos, YTMND user Odendo posted Game over yeah! looping the sound clip back in July 2005.

However, earlier still, the game over screen was quoted in one of the original G.I. Joe PSAs created by Eric Fensler sometime in 2003.


The spike in April 2004 may be related to the specific GI Joe PSAs as they became even more popular after being taken down. Otherwise, search for “game over yeah” spikes to visible range in September of 2008 for reasons that are still unknown and despite being used in videos prior to this date. Using Insight for alternate spellings using multiple A’s and H’s yield no worthwhile results.

It also appears that the spread of this meme has not affected the search results for the original game series.

GAME OVER YEAH! as an Exploitable

The spread of this meme led to another video called “This is why you shouldn’t mix Game Over themes.” It was made by YouTube user gf202020 and combines the Ninja Gaiden Arcade game over screen with the Sega Rally voice over.

The juxtaposition of an upbeat sound clip and grim game over screens from video games or otherwise serious situations make for a meme that is easily exploited. Many variations have now sprung up on YouTube as a result.

Friday the 13th (NES)

FOX News

Skateboarder Crash

Mortal Kombat 4


Zelda II (NES)

To Catch A Predator

CSI: Miami

Actual Rally Race

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