I'm The Goddamn Batman

I'm The Goddamn Batman

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I’m The Goddamn Batman is a catch-phrase (sometimes used as a image macro) used to satire intimation or in Batman[1] related media. The phrase is usually used in images showing a figure who is attempting (usually failing) to look menacing.


Panel 1, Page 10 of All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder Issue 2 (Click here for the full page)

Robin: Who the hell are you anyway, giving out orders like this?
Batman: What, are you dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am? I’m the Goddamn Batman.

All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder [2] is a comic book series written by Frank Miller (famous for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Daredevil: Born Again, 300 and Sin City) and drawn by Jim Lee. The “All Stars” series of comics was designed to bring in a wider audience by abridging the original comics and removing the need for knowing the complete back-story of the characters.

The All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder comics exist in the same timeline / continuity as Batman:Year One, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and, The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

The comic was applauded for its art and criticized for its story, dialogue and character portrayals. Batman was depicted as a type of sadist/psychotic who often hit Robin for talking back to him, forced Robin to eat rats and for him to decide the fate of his parent’s killer.

The dialogue in the comics was unusual for the Batman canon. In many issues characters would commonly refer to Batman as “The Goddamn Batman” for no conceivable reason with the second issue being the first for Batman to refer to himself as “The Goddamn Batman” and becoming the most infamous.


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