It's Raping Time! / Its Raeping Tiem!

It's Raping Time! / Its Raeping Tiem!

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Its Raping Time, referred sometimes as Raeping Tiem, or Rape Time, is a phrase that derive from both Kuriboh’s Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged series and Pewdiepie’s Lets Play of the Japanese Survival Horror game, Ao Oni.


In 2006, Littlekuriboh uploaded the 8th episode of YGOTAS (Yu-gi-Oh Abridged Series), where the quote was used for the first time.


On November 27, 2011, Pewdiepie uploaded IT’S R*PING TIME (Official Music Video) Ao Oni [1] on Youtube. During the course of the video, Pewdiepie plays as Ao Oni’s main character, Hiroshi, who is trying to escape a random encounter with a Ao Oni, or Blue Demon. It fails when the demon finds him in a closet, where it skips to a edited scene of 1 Ao Oni saying “Its Raping Time!”, then another edited scene with several Ao Oni singing Sin with Sebastian – Shut up (And Sleep with Me).

2 Days earlier, Pewdiepie made a other video of clips of his Let’s Play, including a shorter, similiar scene to the one posted on November 27.


On December 17, 2011, vladikus10 uploaded Its Raping Time on Youtube.

Around December 7 2011 through Feb 11, 2012, 2 videos of MMD versions of the scene were uploaded on Youtube.

As of May 22, 2012, the two original videos have an estimate of 2,535,270 views, while there is a estimate of 27,000 videos with the phrase “Its Raping Time” [3]


Rape Time

Rape Time, term often used by /b/tards in 4chan is an illustration of a clock showing all numbers of the clock as Rape Time. Another term that usually accompany’s rape time is “Can it be Raep tiem now plz?”, usually said by Pedo Bear and is misspelled.

Rape Face

Rape face is a common word phrase used online that refers to images with characters making an intense face that implies a desire to rape. This phrase can be seen on 4Chan, DeviantART, and other sites where images and image macros can be found as responses. Urban Dictionary notes rape face such as
“The face a man makes (usually [baring] teeth) before sexual penetration.”

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[1] Youtube – IT’S R*PING TIME (Official Music Video) Ao Oni

[2] Youtube – [FUNNY] Ao Oni: Scary Moments (and Funny) /w PewDiePie

[3] Youtube – Its Raping Time Search Results

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