Kodomo no Jikan Ending Parodies

Kodomo no Jikan Ending Parodies

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Kodomo no Jikan Ending Parodies (Japanese: こじかEDパロ, Kojika ED Paro) are hand-drawn animated videos padoying the ending theme from the first season finale of Japanese TV anime series Kodomono Jikan(こどものじかん)[1], which became quite controversial in the United States for its suggestive portrayal of young women. Similar to Caramelldansen, the Caipirinha Dance, and the smooooch ・∀・, there are dozens of parodies and tributes available on Nico Nico Douga (NND)and YouTube.


This ending movie was for the first season of the TV anime series which was aired from October 2007 to December, 2007. The song used in the movie is “Hanamaru Sensation” (ハナマル☆センセイション) by a J-pop band Little Non.[2] The video that led to a substantial increase in popularity of the series was uploaded to NND on October 26th, 2007[3], which featured characters from a murder-mystery video game Higurashi When They Cry[4] by hand drawn animation.


The ending movie was well received favorably among amateur illustrators/animators in spite of the criticism to the song. Many hand-drawn animated videos mimicking the movie by various kind of characters are uploaded to NND by them. As of January 2011, the amount of videos in this series is more than 120.[7]

Plagiarism Controversy

On the other hand of its popularity, the song “Hanamaru Sensation” was also famous for its dishonorable reputation for its plagiarism suspicion because its hook-line was exactly the same to the song “One Fine Day” which was released in 2000 by the American punk band The Offspring.[5] In this controversy, some Japanese internet users claimed that the Offspring’s song plagiarized from the song “Suiminbusoku” (スイミン不足) which was the opening theme song for Japanese popular TV anime series Kiteretsu Daihyakka[6] from 1990 to 1992.

Left: The Offspiring’s “One Fine Day” | Right: “Suiminbusoku”

Little Non and its Record label had never responded to this criticism. Little Non suddenly broke up in February, 2011. The record label explained their breakup was for various reasons.

Notable Examples

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Left: Vocaloid[8] | Right: Yume Nikki[9]

Left: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney[10] | Right: Megami Tensei – Persona[11]

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External References

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