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Nerunerunerune (Japanese: ねるねるねるね, lit. kneadin’ kneadin’ kneading) is a candy produced by the Japanese food company Kracie Foods (former Bell Foods) since 1984.

After the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga (NND) was launched in 2007, its first commercial movie that had been aired in the 1980s and in the 1990s is set to a subject of MAD videos.


1984 version

The first and most known TV commercial for Nerunerunerune was this video starring an old witch, and it drew the candy as something like a witch’s secret elixir comically.


Nerunerunerune ha hehehe…
Nere Ba Neru Hodo Iro Ga Kawatte
Kouyatte Tsukete…
Umai !! (テーレッテレー)
Nette Oishii! Nerunerunerune
Nerunerunerune is hehehe…
More you knead this, the more it’s changing colors.
Dip it like this…
Yummy !! (Telettele)
Let’s knead delectably! Nerunerunerune

From 1984 to 1990s, this commercial was frequently aired in TV programs for children sponsored by Bell Foods. So, this witch and the sound of “Telettele” was very memorable scene for many kids at that time.

2011 version

Since 2000s, the airing of first commercial was ended, and a witch didn’t appear on the next commercial. But, witch appeared for the first time in a decade in the new commercial for Nerunerunerune began to air in February 2011. This version own the essence of the first version such as “Telettele” sound.


This commercial had already been uploaded to YouTube and NND around 2006-2007[1], and several MAD videos were posted to there.

According to Nico Nico Pedia[2], the video that led to a substantial increase in popularity of MADs for this commercial was“N.R.Telettele was her? Last brutal neruneru witch.U” (Japanese : N.R.テーレッテレーは彼女なのか?最終鬼畜ねるねる魔女・U, N.R.Telettele Ha Kanojo Nanoka? Saishu Kichiku NeruNeru Majo.U), posted to NND on January 17th, 2008.[3]

The video was able to reach a large audience partly due to it’s incorporation of the U.N Owen Was Her? fad. And new version is also reused in MADs after 2011.

Nerunerunerune is one of three fads that exploded around the same time, including Ran Ran Ru and Werther’s Original, and have been called “The Three Major Religions on NND” (Japanese: ニコニコ三大宗教, NicoNico Sandai Syūkyō).[4]
As of June 2011, The amount of videos related to Nerunerunerune are over 400 on NND, and many of them have been uploaded to YouTube as well.[5][6]

Notable Examples

For more MAD videos, check out the videos section.

Left: Kirby's Gourmet Race Remixes[7] | Right: Kirby Sky High remixes[8]

Left: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Song “God Knows…”[9] | Right: Touhou Project Song “Lunatic Princess”[10]

Search Interest

External References

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Dude! I remember that I used to eat these back when I visiting Japan. When I first saw the commercial, I was like, “This looks interesting.” When I bought it and ate it, it just tasted like clumps of sugar and chemicals flavors……

Anyway, +1 confirm because it bring me back my nostalgia factor.


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