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PTKFGS (“Punch The Keys For God’s Sake!”) is a YTMND series that began as a parody of YTMND website based on the idea of an alternate universe wherein the site founder Max Goldberg uses the line “Punch the keys for God’s sake” instead of “You’re the man now dog” for the original YTMND site.

In this alternate universe of, PTKFGS is a popular website similar to YTMND with a purple color theme. Popular PTKFGS sites are similar to their counterpart YTMND sites, but with noticable differences. For example, in the world of PTKFGS, there is no such thing as lol, internet. Instead, they have a fad called omg, internet.


On March 4, 2006, a site titled punch the keys, for god’s sake was submitted by user Aphex350, a YTMND version of the original Finding Forrester scene that inspired the Max Goldberg to create the original “You’re the man now dog” site.

The original scene on YouTube:

William Forrest: Punch the keys for god’s sake!
Jamal Wallace: (typing)
William Forrest: YES!
Jamal Wallace: (typing)
William Forrest: YEES!
William Forrest: You’re the man now, dog!

Within the same day, user RySenkari created the original PTKFGS site, entitling it “What Could Have Been…” and parodying the You’re the man now dog site.

On March 8, 2006, the site safety not guaranteed changes internet history! was created by Humphro, which according to YTMND Wiki is often credited with boosting the fads popularity, and creating the idea of the alternate PTKFGS universe. In it, the Time Traveller goes back in time after watching the scene that inspired the creation of YTMND, and creates (See also: Safety not Guaranteed). The site now has over 111,000 views.

However, searching by date indicates that on March 5, 2006, an earlier spin-off appeared called WWW.PTKFGS.COM, made by user RuBBa-cHiKiN, showing what a potential PTKFGS website could have looked like.


When searching for “ptkfgs” on YTMND, checking the titles, descriptions, domains, image origins, sound origins, keywords, and site text Indexes- YTMND returns over 3,300 results.

With this search criteria, there are at least thirteen sites related to the fad with over 100,000 views, and at least 257 sites with over 10,000 views.

PTKFGS also inspired the creation of other Alternate YTMND Universes.

Notable YTMND sites

PTKFGS versions of YTMND Sites

These sites usually use the PTFGS watermark, a parody of the YTMND watermark.


On March 15, 2006, user doubley created, effectively creating an alternate universe to an alternate universe. It was from this YTMND that the Alternate YTMND Universes fad came about.

Initially, it was overshadowed by the larger PTKFGS phenomenon, but received a resurgence of popularity in July of 2006.

In the Alternate YTMND Universes theory, YesYes is recognized as the 3rd alternate universe, while the 4th Universe is said to be a multiverse.

The Real

The domain was registered on March 5, 2006 and would forward the user to a PTKFGS-related YTMND site, while the domain was registered on March 6, 2006 and would forward the user to the YTMND site that started the PTKFGS fad.

Both websites, however, are currently defunct.

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