The Silly Sea Pig

The Silly Sea Pig

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The Silly Sea Pig is a daily blog [1], created by comedian and YouTuber Michael “Fluffy” Fritz, with comics including a psychopathic Sea Pig who is constantly racist and mean to his “friends” Blackson and Nerdly. The Sea Pig likes to make constant jokes about death and rape and murders other creatures throughout the series duration. He is constantly cracking racist jokes to Blackson’s face, and being a dick to Nerdly. The Silly Sea Pig is listed on The Webcomic List as one of the featured new webcomics [2]


The Sea Pig character is based off the deep ocean dwelling sea creature the Scotoplane [3], most commonly referred to simply as a Sea Pig. The first ever Silly Sea Pig comic was posted to Ifunny on November 12th, 2012 Incest .
The first Silly Sea Pig was met with much controversy due to its blunt humor and unexpectedly abrupt punchline. The first Silly Sea Pig post was met with 205 dislikes on the site. By the next post; on November 25, 2013; was within the same type of humor, but was met with 107 likes. The Sea Pig has only gained steam since then.


A new Sea Pig is posted to Ifunny each day, as well as on the Silly Sea Pig blog on Blogger [1] . There are two basic formats for Silly Pig posts, there is the smiling Sea Pig meme Incest
and there is the 2-6 panel comic strip Incest

The comics usually consist of a small conversation with the Sea Pig and either Blackson or Nerdly or Shelia. With the Blackson comics, the Silly Sea Pig often says racist jokes or racial retorts Incest
as the Blackson character is meant to represent the Black Society as a whole. The comics featuring Nerdly typically utilize some form of rude or sarcastic remark as the punch line Incest
The comics featuring the female octopus Shelia typically make fun of women and women’s rights in general. Shelia
The Smiling Sea Pig meme is much like that of the Ordinary Muslim Man [4] , or the Almost Politically Correct Redneck [5] in that the top line of text seems like it will be normal, but the bottom line completely goes in another direction Incest



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The Silly Sea Pig Twitter account was launched August 10, 2013 and has a total of 8 followers as of August 26, 2013.


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