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Weebl’s Stuff is Weebl’s personal website. Whilst initially starting with his own creations (Weebl and Bob was previously hosted on a different site before moving to Weebl’s Stuff), it has since grown to incorporate numerous series and numerous staff. As well as providing the site with animations, usually at least twice a week, Weebl’s Stuff also provides animation services to companies.


The first Weebl animation was “Weebl and Bob”, which premiered on June 6, 2002. It is a one-and-a-half minute animation consisting of the eponymous characters talking to each other (using thought balloons). Weebl and Bob are best friends, but also have a tendency to harass and insult one another. The characters are egg-shaped, and split their heads in half when talking (much like the Canadian characters in South Park); their speech is also barely intelligible (and thus subtitles are used).[1] Due to its odd and quirky nature, the animation steadily grew a huge internet following, prompting Picking to make others.[2]

Many of the episodes of “Weebl and Bob” center around the characters’ desire for pie, and their quest to find it. Thus, among the phrases from the series to eventually go viral were “you bringed [sic] back pie!” or just simply “Pie!” To date, this series alone has gained such fandom that many of its followers have created fan art, t-shirts, and cosplay characters to pay homage to Picking’s quirky brainchild.



“Badgers,” a.k.a. Badger Badger Badger is a Flash animation created by Weebl in September 2003 consisting of twelve badgers in a field doing calisthenics, occasionally breaking off to say either “Mushroom, mushroom!” (accompanied by a large red mushroom growing next to a tree) or “A snake! A snake! Oh, it’s a snake!” (accompanied by a snake crawling through a desert). The original animation loops indefinitely, and eventually goes out of sync with the music.

The Badgers cartoon eventually gained the attention of MTV Europe, for whom Picking produced a TV version of “Weebl and Bob” entitled The Everyday Happenings of Weebl (and Sometimes Weebl’s Friend Bob) a.k.a. Weebl and Bob.[3]

Following its release (and subsequent viral popularity), Picking made a number of sequels to “Badgers” and spinoffs using the same style. “Badgers 2”, also made in 2003, features zombie badgers on a black background, with blood dripping from their mouths and eyes. Parodies and mash-ups have also been made, such as “Badgers On A Plane”, using footage from a Snakes On a Plane trailer, and “Big Ass Badgers”, released in 2007 as a spoof of the Transformers film.


Kenya is a Flash animation created by Weebl in 2004, showing cartoon lions and tigers dancing against a plains background to such lyrics as, “Where can ya see lions? Only in Kenya.”


Breadfish is a looped animation featuring several tiled loaves of bread with green fish protruding through the middle, accompanied by the song “Have You Seen the Marvelous Breadfish?”

Amazing Horse

Amazing Horse (also known as “Get on My Horse”) is a viral flash animation of a gentleman on a horse and a woman singing and dancing to a catch tune with funny lyrics. Since being uploaded on Weebls-Stuff.com in September 2009, this video has inspired others to create their own covers and remix videos on YouTube.

Weebl and Bob

Weebl and Bob is a Flash cartoon series created by Jonti Picking and co-scripted by Chris Vick. The first episode, “Pie”, was uploaded by Picking on June 6, 2002. It is also the most watched episode on Weebl’s site, with 2,612,660 views as of April 30, 2007

Search Interest

As shown, search interest peaked during mid-2005, but has slowly decreased over time.

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