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Breadfish is a looped animation featuring several tiled loaves of bread with green fish protruding through the middle, accompanied by the song "Have You Seen the Marvelous Breadfish?"

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According to the wiki page[7] on the humor site Weebl's Stuff, the original Breadfish flash animation[1] was uploaded to the site on September 20th, 2004. The identity of the original creator remains unknown.

Tell me, have you seen the marvelous breadfish,
swimming in the ocean waters?
Have you seen that marvelous breadfish?
It's like an inverse sandwich.
An awe for fishermen and sharks.

The animation bears many similarities to the tiled "Flying Toasters" After Dark screen saver.


On September 20th, Weebl's animation was linked on the Internet humor blog Scatmania,[8] which received several comments comparing Breadfish to another well-known GIF animation Kittyloaf animated GIF. On September 23rd, the first Urban Dictionary[13] definition was submitted by user PlayaX, which referenced a line from the Breadfish song lyrics.

2. Breadfish 163 up, 25 down It's like an inverse sandwich for fishermen and sharks. buy breadfish mugs & shirts PlayaX Sep 23, 2004 share this add a video

On August 2nd, 2005, a "Marvelous Breadfish" YTMND[12] site was created, which used a MIDI version of the song "Almost" by the pop punk band Bowling for Soup. On February 26th, 2006, the animation was embedded on the single serving site[11] On April 29th, 2007, the flash animation site Loopzy[14] posted the Breadfish animation. On November 24th, 2008, a post was submitted to the Sanctuary[15] Christian rock forums by user Tonnenator titled "Have You Seen the Marvelous Breadfish?"

Have You Seen the Marvelous Breadfish? Author Message Tonnenato Subject: Have You Seen the Marvelous Breadfish? 奠Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:24 am & Number of posts: 48:2 Age: 39 Location: Columbus, OH Age: 36 Registration date: 2007 Personally, most of you on here would probably disagree with me, but I think he's like an inverse 07-21 And then tell me what you think. sandwich, for fishermen and sharks.

On August 20th, 2009, a video embed of the animation was submitted to the Internet humor site Ebaumsworld[16] by user t0mt0m666, who described the video as "random and pointless." On June 18th, 2010, the Tumblr[17] blog "BREADFISH" was created, which featured a variety of photos with the Breadfish edited on top. On July 31st, 2011, On July 31st, 2011, a screenshot of a Breadfish effigy built in the indie sandbox game Minecraft was posted on the German MMORPG-Core[6] multiplayer game forums.

On December 15th, 2011, Weebl uploaded a high definition version of the animation to YouTube.[10] On February 25th, 2012, the animation saw a resurgence when it was linked on the social news site Reddit in a post titled "Nyan Cat's distant cousin, Breadfish"[3], which managed to reach the front page accumulating over 1,740 up votes within five weeks.

The meme has continued to spread on sites like Tumblr[9] under the tag "#breadfish." A Facebook page[4] for "Breadfish" has received over 4,200 likes as of April 5th, 2012.

Fan Art

Many pages worth of fan art featuring the Breadfish can be found on the art sharing website DeviantArt.[5]

12-201 ley Lauren Summers

Notable Videos

Several lip dubs and covers of the Breadfish song have been uploaded to the video sharing site YouTube.

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