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Only in Kenya...

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Only in Kenya...
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Tags: kenya lions, tigers, norway, giraffes, zebras, jonti picking,

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Only in Kenya...


Kenya is a looping song that lasts approximately 47 seconds featuring adorable dancing lions and tigers. This somewhat satirical cartoon is a blatantly obvious tourism spoof which invites the viewer to come to Kenya for lions and tigers (tigers don't live in Kenya by the way) Originally posted on weebls stuff with the humble caption "Come and visit sunny Kenya," This loop is created by the same author as Weebl and Bob and Badger Badger Badger : Jonti Picking.


The original video has been viewed over 12 million times and the highest viewed youtube version has almost 1 million views as of July 2010

Official Derivatives

Officially hosted on the website
This fan made derivative re-enacts the original version shot for shot.

In July 2009 Kenya was remixed by

Jonti Picking also made a few derivatives of Kenya entitled Somalia and Lapland.

Notable Derivatives

This video has over 65k views on youtube making it the most viewed non-official derivative:

This eccentric teacher apparently taught another song entitled "Come to Norway (it's better than Kenya)" performed by his class of tiny internet-savvy Japanese kids. The lyrics are mostly unintelligible.

Below is a 3-D version someone did for an animation class.

A World of Warcraft version complete with original WoW related text

Youtube Poop and Low Quality Derivatives

Naruto Version

Somebody is a little too into it..

Stuffed Animals

Cute but Insane Girls


Some derivatives can be found on Newgrounds: Someone who doesn't like lions and Greeting Card


The original video's popularity was very short-lived as shown by Google insights. It was an instant success, but searches for this video quickly petered out in 2005. However, derivatives have continued to crop up over the past 6 years with new instances through 2009.

Tags: kenya lions, tigers, norway, giraffes, zebras, jonti picking,

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