Stick Figure vs. Wall

Stick Figure vs. Wall

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壁砕き (Wall Breaker) is a short GIF animation showing a stick figure attacking a wall with a very wide variety of weapons and an absurd amount of force. The animation lacks a commonly agreed upon English language title. While “wall breaker” is the closest translation, searches for “wall breaker” yield mixed results. Typically, titles referring to this animation or other recreations of the same concept contain the words “stick figure” and “wall.”


壁砕き originated from the website Multilockon. The animation was created on December 7, 2003 using “EasyToon Setagaya Branch”, an updated version of Keijiro Takahashi’s “EasyToon”, a program that is used to create short black and white animations.
[Who was the artist?]


壁砕き is commonly used on internet forums as an avatar, signature, or just as an interesting animation to share. A reverse image search on TinEye returns over 200 iterations, mostly on forum profiles.


Searches for “壁砕き” begin high in 2004, the limit to how far back Google Insights data can go. Searches for related English terms are sparse and varied.


There have also been quite a few remakes of 壁砕き on YouTube. Many have been created with the popular freeware stick figure animation software <a href>Pivot.

Stick Figure Pwnage!:

the retarted unbreakable door.:

My Door Animation:

my version of the pivot door:

stick vs wall:

Stick vs wall:

stick vs. wall part 1:

stick vs wall:

Pivot Sticks Vs Wall:

Two of my stick vs. wall eztoons:

Stick vs. Wall, The Ultimate Warrior Version 1.0:

Stick man vs. Wall:

Stick Figure vs Wall Collaberation, Excepting Entries Now:

stick figure vs. wall:

stick man vs wall (animanatee):

stick vs wall:

Stick vs Wall:

stick man vs wall test:

Stick vs wall!:

Stick vs. wall #1:

Yet Another Epic STick Figure VS Wall Video:

stick vs wall:

stickman vs stick wall:

Stickman Vs Wall [Pivot]:

DZ – Deity vs Rubber Wall:

Easytoon animation – Door Buster:

a diffrent pivot door buster:

Short Door Buster Attempt:

My Doorbuster:

Doorbuster 1 – inspired by MultiLockOn!:

My First DoorBuster with Easytoons:

my first door buster:

The Door Animation:

Deviant Art

While not nearly as common as YouTube, there have also been a few remakes on Deviant Art as well.

SM vs. Door: Remastered…

Stick Fight Reborn

"Stick man vs wall – extended":L

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