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ROBLOX, stylized as RŌBLOX, is a MMOG where users can create their own game levels, clothing, advertisements, groups, and more. Advanced games are scripted via Lua, a simple programming language. When creating a game, users are given lego-like building bricks, in which they can create whatever they desire. Recently, ROBLOX has often been compared to Minecraft, which has been causing controversy, even though the two are nothing alike. The only known competitor ROBLOX has is Blockland, another MMOG.



ROBLOX was put on the drawing board in late 1999/early 2000. During that time period ROBLOX was being conceptualized and planned out. The very first version of ROBLOX was released sometime before 2004 as Dyna-Blocks. The link leads to the current site.


ROBLOX began its Alpha stage in 2004. At the time, ROBLOX had no players and was only used by the admins. During Alpha there were many bugs and glitches.


ROBLOX reached Beta in 2005. This is when ROBLOX was finally released to the public. At the time ROBLOX had gained very few players. At one point high school students were payed to play. During 2006-2008 ROBLOX had a significant player growth as well as in 2009-2011. Along those years many updates were added [not in order], particles (such as fire and sparkles), new player animation (added in 2007), vehicles, functional joint hinges, lag reduction, ambient shadows, and dynamic lighting. Since then, ROBLOX developers have been continuously adding updates. ROBLOX is currently still in Beta.


ROBLOX was started by David Baszucki and Erick Cassel in 2005 at Silicon Valley, California. It was believed that ROBLOX started out as a concept in 1999, but was not created due to the unavailable technology at the time. The name ROBLOX is a portmanteau of “Robot” and “Blocks”. The first ever game level to be created was Crossroads, a 2,000 block large playground-like area, where players can fight each other in what is known as a “brick battle”.


The ROBLOX community consist of users who are in the age group of 10-18, some up to 26. The majority of players are children, which gives ROBLOX a “Kid Friendly” status from TRUSTe. Even though some players can be kind and friendly, others are not. This is most likely due to the large audience of youngsters, which brings the lack of maturity. Younger users are known to spam and post annoying comments, such as: “NOOB”, “hacker!!1”, “nerd”, “yo MAMAS SO FAT”, etc.

Notable Players

Some players on ROBLOX are known for several reasons. Mostly just because they’re popular and are often talked about on the site itself. Examples of notable players on the site are:

  • stickmasterluke, a user known for his games and his employment at ROBLOX as an admin.
  • makkapakka3, a user known for being one of the first exploiters on ROBLOX, and also tampering with the site itself.
  • Shedletsky (formerly Telamon), known for being admin.
  • Sorcus, known for being admin; also known as ROBLOX’s number one troll.
  • jaredvaldez4, a user known for copying other’s creations and claiming them as his own. One of ROBLOX’s “most hated” players.
  • SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX, a user known for his over-excessive use of free-models (models created by users to use in-game), also the fomer owner and creator of the largest group on ROBLOX.


ROBLOX includes several forums for different purposes such as, talking about ROBLOX itself, suggestions, game testing, random discussions, and even talking in different languages.

A typical discussion on the forums.


As ROBLOX progressively gained players, ROBLOX progressively gained a reasonable fanbase as well. As a result fans have created their own fan sites, merchandise, and art. Although criticized by others, the ROBLOX fanbase still exist today.

Work in Progress.


Work in Progress.

Erik Cassel’s Passing

On the morning of February 11th, 2013, co-founder Erik Cassel passed away after a 3 year-long battle with cancer. The ROBLOX admins created a memorial level dedicated to Erik. The community gave their tribute by dressing as Erik in his dedication.

2013 Philippines Relief Effort

One week after Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, ROBLOX started a relief fund to donate money to those in the Philippines. The community has helped donate over $2,000.

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