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Awesomestrator is the username of a child ROBLOX player whose leaked audio recording of himself talking to his mother became the inspiration for a series of mocking remixes. In the clip, Awesometrator can be heard defending himself against accusations by his mother that he had been watching pornography and "touching himself."


While the original video, uploaded by a YouTuber that has since been scrubbed, mentions of the Awesometrator video date back to July 9th, 2015, according to the Internet Archive (mirror below).[1][3]


As the leaded audio spread on ROBLOX forums, Awesometrator accused the leakers of bullying, posting a number of messages stating that other posters were "[ruining] his life." That day, "Imgur user Acefalcon73 posted screenshots of the messages to the site. The post received more than 2,000 views in four years (excerpts below).[2]

尽 2221 İİ 167077059 vC Search ABP Copyot stretcher ROBLOX Games atalog Develop ROBUX Search viveret Home | Search | MyForums ROBLOX Forum » Club HousesROBLOX Talk Home Stop the re-uploads! Profile Messages Friends Track Thread Sort: Oldest to newest ﹀ Previous Thread:: Next Thread ● Awesomestrator 07-09-2015 04:27 PM O Character If you keep posting you re-uploaded the video and all of these things well then guess what? l emailed ROBLOX!: So yea and if I do see any videos then I can flag them and dislike them with LOTS of my accounts. Inventory Trade OBC Joined: 12 Jul 2013 Total Posts: 62 Awesomestrator F.. % Groups 규 Forum Blog o viveret 07-09-2015 04:27 PM MOM IT WAS A VIRUS! STOP PLAYING WITH YOURSELF! Upgrade Now Events BC Joined: 02 Dec 2014 Total Posts: 2619 n100% JUICE Online 06P 尽 2221 İİ 167077059 ▼ a search ABP Copyot stretcher ROBLOX Games atalog Develop ROBUX Search ● Awesomestrator 07-09-2015 04:35 PM viveret You people just ruin my life. Home Profile Messages Friends OBC Joined: 12 Jul 2013 Total Posts: 62 O Character o lordking987 07-09-2015 04:36 PM Inventory LMAOOoo000d Trade % Groups Joined: 07 Jul 2013 Total Posts: 14321 Kendrick Lamar Forum Blog o viveret 07-09-2015 04:36 PM Upgrade Now MHM Events BC Joined: 02 Dec 2014 Total Posts: 2619 n100% JUICE Online 7/9/2015

Several days later, YouTuber ronaldonater uploaded an ROBLOX-animated reenactment of the call to YouTube. The post received more than 31,000 views in four years (shown below).

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I understand the kid is an autistic screecher and shit but why the fuck is the internet leaking his tantrums and shit? I understand it might be funny but, I agree with the kid, it's ruining his fucking life. Stop.


in reply to meatgears

Kid's life sounds like it already is in ruins, but yeah, it being broadcasted to the Internet is not helping. Both the kid and the mother have issues. I know it's been 3 years since the original video was uploaded, but I hope they have/can fix their relationship.

There's no enjoyment from any of this.


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