Roblox screenshot of a player saying go commit die

Go Commit Die

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"Go Commit Die" is an ironic catchphrase popularized by a screenshot of a player conversation within the game Roblox.


While the exact origin is unknown, a version of phrase can be traced to a YouTube video uploaded on Sep 28, 2017, titled "Commit Die" featuring snippets of various Discord users expressing their ironic ideation of one's death.

The original popularized use of "Go Commit Die" can be traced to a screenshot of Roblox user "ItzMurderTime" (shown below). According to Redditor WherewoIf, the screenshot was originally taken on January 27th, 2018.[4]

go commit die ItzMurderTime 2


On May 7th, 2018, Redditor KillSpyy[1] submitted a deep-fried version of the screenshot, which received 1,125 points (99% upvoted) within three months.

go commit die

On June 2nd, Urban Dictionary[3] user Trains Lol submitted an entry for "go commit die" (shown below). That day, the /r/GoCommitDie[2] subreddit was launched.

Go commit die These certain words are said in the game "roblox". In this special server, there is this robtoxian who says some very-special words : "Go commit die". John: "[tike Rob(ox that every other game!" Doe: I think that you should Go commit die by

Various Examples

Go commit neck rope go commit not feeling so good hulk smash illegal foreigners do you are have stupid o commit death-pacito IDONT LTKE YOU KYS go commit die

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