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Bobux refers to a fictional currency that was often referenced in GIF Captions and shitposts on a number of Discord servers and in other communities in July and August 2020. The name of the currency parodies Robux, the virtual currency in the video game Roblox.


On June 27th, 2020, Discord user imma simp made the first known use of the word "bobux" in a Discord group chat (screenshot shown below). Starting on the same day, other members of the chat spammed the word in that and other Discord servers. Additionally, on July 9th, imma simp's friend and Discord user AlphaFace created bob_ux Roblox account.[7]

-imma simp no bully *+ 06/27/2020 oop CasualButters 06/27/2020 Martha 09 was dog O she an average went + arf ærf a ĖÆRRR * imma simp+ 06/27/2020 ВОBUX AlphaFace 06/27/2020 bobux *+ imma simp 06/27/2020 YES CasualButters 06/27/2020 bobux. *+ imma simp'+ 06/27/2020 bobux bobux bobux AlphaFace 06/27/2020 ВOBUX

On July 13th, 2020, Discord[1] user scare posted the earliest found Bobux GIF Caption in the #memes channel of the Discord server of popular streamer CallMeCarson (shown below).

6 bobux


The meme did not see spread until approximately on July 20th, 2020, it gained significant traction on CallMeCarson's server, with multiple users posting[2][3][4] GIF Captions and other memes referencing Bobux, especially GIFs in which people behaved happy or sad depending on the amount of Bobux they had (examples shown below).

O BOBUX O BOBUX imgfip.com 1BOBUX 1BOBUX imglip.com 53 bobux

Starting on July 20th, Tenor users started uploading Bobux GIFs to the site; on July 20th, Tenor[5] user dolpinyte made the earliest such post (shown below). Following the viral spread of the meme on CallMeCarson's server, the meme spread to a number of other popular servers; for example, starting on July 27th, multiple Bobux memes were posted on a popular meme Discord[6] server Gates of TUSK3N .


The meme achieved viral popularity in mid-August 2020, with multiple Bobux GIFs being archived on Tenor during that period.

Various Examples

WHEN BOBUX -10 BOBUX ( big debt) 15,000 BOBUX
BOBUX GENERATOR 100% NO VIRUS WORKING 2020 LV.1 Riffraff MAFIA CITV Money V17.300.30 Ber 1 Leisure Eng rerty Acheved (CP roughly 7 bobux and some spare change bobux delivery NETFLIX

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