The New Lunar Republic vs The Solar Empire

The New Lunar Republic vs The Solar Empire

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The New Lunar Republic is a popular Brony fanfiction concept that takes place in the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The New Lunar Republic is lead my Princess Luna, and plots to overthrow Princess Celestia’s Solar Empire. Some Bronies support Luna, others Support Celestia. Fans have debated what side the six main characters from the cartoon would take. Twilight Sparkle is usually depicted as loyal to the Solar Empire because she is Celestia’s Pupil. Rainbow Dash is also commonly assumed to support Celestia because of Rainbow Dash’s unwavering loyalty. Pinkie Pie is unpredictable by nature. Rarity is known to be very attracted to the glamor of Canterlot. Applejack’s sense of honesty would cause her to not give into propaganda, but Bronies on both sides will claim that the other side is the one spreading lies.

Many Bronies have differing ideas about the New Lunar Republic’s goals. Some say that Luna will bring about night time eternal, but others dismis this as Solar propaganda.

The origin of the Lunar Republic came fron a group on the pony site Due to the site being poorly maintained, the Lunar Republic migrated away from flankbook to various other sites such as Facebook, Youtube, various pony forums and IRC’s. This in turn caused fans to rename the group to the New Lunar Republic.

A YouTube user called IAmNotACleverPony created and uploaded a piece of music called “For The New Lunar Republic.” The song became very polular and a remixing contest was hosted by Equestria Daily. Large numbers of covers, remixes, and reposts have appeared on YouTube. Many other songs and musical compositions have also been created in dedication to either The New Lunar Republic or The Solar Empire. Fans have made banners and emblems, art featuring Celestia and Luna (sometimes portrayed as Nightmare Moon) in battle, also art featuring New Lunar Republic soldiers styled after the Shadowbolts from Season 1 Epidode 2. T-Shirts have also appeared with the emblems of The New Lunar Republic.

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