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Transformice is an independent multiplayer free-to-play online platform browser game created by French designers known by their aliases Melibellule and Tigrounette. Melibellule produces the game’s artwork and graphics, while Tigrounette programs the game’s functions and mechanics. The game was released on May 1, 2010.

In the game, each player controls a mouse that must collect a piece of cheese on a map and bring it back to their mouse hole. As they continue to gather cheese, they are given points on a scoreboard. Once a player reaches the highest score on the board, they become a Shaman in the next map involving one. As a Shaman, players can create and build objects and contraptions on the map to help the other mice collect the cheese. Shamans can also hinder the other mice, either accidentally or purposely. The game is updated on a regular basis, to implement special events, add new items into the game’s item shop, or to update the game’s mechanics.

Transformice has a lot of fanart’s and parodie’s in video. The musical video’s are very extended.


When you first start playing the game, there will be a tutorial, although you don’t have to do it. After the tutorial, you get sent to a random room (the name always being a number), and then there are a few things you can do. You can play normally, or you can troll as a mouse (like if you’re in a collision map, you push the shaman off the edge of the map while they build, or you can kill your soulmate (and yourself) during a soulmate map, or you can just refuse to go into the mouse hole after everyone else goes in, though that usually results in the shaman attempting to kill you, usually with a canon. You can also go into one of many of the mini game’s.
This is how the game look’s like when you first begin playing.

Mini games

The mini games are rooms in Transformice, usually run by bots controlled by players. The bot’s in mini games such as baffbot cannot be killed, and if you do kill them, they just stay in the bottom corner of whatever direction you sent them in to die like a mouse that’s lagging would, but they don’t actually die. The rest of the bots die immediately at the start of rounds, even if the mice are supposed to be trapped.

Here is a list of the mini games, with some information about them and how to play.


In quiz (/room quiz), there are two bots. Danleybot runs the game, and Holzii62, who is there to make sure that you can play the maps. Both of the bots die immediately at the beginning of rounds. There are over 3000 different questions in the game, and you can submit your own at

The first two things you see in the above picture are what you see at the end of a round, where you learn the answer to the previous question, and who answered first and their time. The things underneath is the bot counting from 3 to 1, and then asking the next question.
Other than the questions and the two bots, room quiz is a normal room, since the bots don’t load music like the baffbot bots do, and they don’t play any special maps, like all the other bots, however, if one of the bots is a shaman in a mechanism map, or there is a racing map with mechanisms, the mechanisms will fall apart.
Sadly. quiz has retired.


In survivor (/room survivor and /room survivor2 through /room survivor9), the shaman is supposed to kill all the other mice in the map. They can use anything in the list of usable shaman objects, though most people dislike yell at shamans who use spirit instead of canons. The bots of all survivor rooms are Holzi and then some numbers (like Holzi62 of room quiz).
Each round ends either when the shaman dies (whether they suicide, accidentally cannon themselves or afk die), the time runs out or only one mouse is left. If there’s only one mouse left, then that mouse automatically becomes the next shaman. If it’s one of the other two options, the next shaman is picked randomly, and isn’t usually whoever has the most points/who died the most.
Survivor is different than other rooms because there are no mouse holes in any of the maps, so you can’t collect cheese. There is some cheese in a few maps, though, usually there for mice to avoid unless they want to become heavier and slower.

There is also another survivor game, survivor+, which is pretty much the same as all other survivor games except for three things:
There are different maps (although some of the maps are ones from the normal survivor rooms), two shamans instead of one, and the next shamans are automatically the mice who died the most, not the last two alive.


Baffbot is a normal room, except there is a bot, and the bot can load music without a moderator around (moderators can load music).
There are a few mini games that have “Baffbot” at the beginning, and they are actual mini games;


Transformice can trace its beginnings back to April 2008, when Tigrounette released Aaaah!, a game with similar mechanics. In Aaaah!, players controlled stick figures and navigated through a dark, silhouette-based map to reach a pharmacy. One player, with the most points, would be designated as a “guide” and was supposed to help the other players reach the pharmacy by drawing a path. Players could press the spacebar to scream loudly and push away any nearby characters. Like Transformice, it had a similar online room system, but does not have an English translation. Aaaah! does, however, feature a map editor, which spawned a rather large community of custom map makers.


Aaaah! was followed by a much closer ancestor to Transformice called Fish. Fish was a short-lived flash game that was effectively an early prototype of Transformice. Instead of mice looking for cheese, there were fish trying to get back into a water bowl. The fish, however, had the unfortunate tendency to slide all over the place. Like Aaaah!, it featured multiplayer gameplay with a guide who was supposed to help the fish to the fishbowl. However, instead of drawing a path to the objective, the guide in Fish had to place physical objects in the world. In addition, the guide had no physical presence and could place objects anywhere on the map.

The objects available were very similar to the ones in Transformice. All the Transformice base objects, plus some additional ones (notably an Up Cannon gift in the first versions of Transformice) were available to the guide in Fish. Unlike Transformice, Fish listed all of the available anchors in the object pool, and did not have as many anchors available as Transformice does. In addition, the Guide had the ability to stop time for a few seconds, which made placing objects much easier without having to worry about the hopping fish. Interestingly, the fish always started on the bottom left and had to reach a bowl on the top right.


Fish was online for a few months before closing pending the release of Transformice at May 1, 2010. Transformice refined the basic concepts introduced in Fish, changing the objective to grabbing cheese and getting back to a hole, with a shaman that had a physical presence and limited powers. Several updates to the game added battle stages for shaman, an item shop, and several other small additions. Most importantly, Transformice added an English translation of the game, which, combined with the video “Meet the mouse”.

References to other meme’s

-One of the shaman items are two portal’s, from the game Portal

- In the shop, you can buy manes from the characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

- You can also buy a Limecat hat.

- If you collect 9001 cheese, you unlock the title It’s Over 9000

- If you collect 55000 cheese, you unlock the title Om Nom Nom

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