T-Rex Jet

T-Rex Jet

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T-Rex Jet is an image macro series based on cartoon drawings of a Tyrannosaurus piloting an F-14 Tomcat fighter jet. Originally featured in Calvin and Hobbes comics as one of Calvin’s alter ego characters, the nostalgic image of T-Rex placed in the cockpit is most frequently used on forums to signify one’s approval of the thread.


The image shown above can be found in a January 1st 1995 edition of Calvin and Hobbes[1]. Whilst the comic stated the plane was an F-14, a closer analysis suggests that the design was influenced by both F-14 Tomcat and F-15 Eagle model, marked by its flat-sided wings.

Calvin and Hobbes is a daily comic strip syndicated from November 1985 to December 1995, written and illustrated by American cartoonist Bill Watterson. Even after the conclusion of daily comic strip in 1995, Calvin and Hobbes[2] remains in syndication around the world.


It is difficult to pinpoint when or where the image was first uploaded online, however, Google Insights results for “T-Rex Jet” indicates the first spike in interest occurred sometime in November 2007. “T-Rex jet” still remains highly visible across comics-related forums and geek-oriented sites like Jurassic Park forum[3], My[confined]Space[4] and The Escapist[5].

Usage in Discussion Threads

In the context of forum discussions, T-Rex Jet images may be used to express one’s excitement or approval of the thread, similar to the usage of Awesome Smiley and This Thread is X.

Ninjas vs. Pirates vs. T-Rex Jets

Another notable inclusion of the meme can be found in a hypothetical debate known as “Who would win? Ninjas vs. Pirates vs. T-Rex in jets”[6] which stems from another popular debate called Pirates vs. Ninjas.


Notable Examples

External References

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