United States of Whatever

United States of Whatever

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United States of X is a video remix series based on Liam Lynch’s punk rock comedy song titled “United States of Whatever”.


The song was released as a single from the album Fake Songs, which was released on April 8, 2003. It was originally produced for his 1997-1999 MTV comedy show, Sifl and Olly, a show that revolved around two sock puppets who performed skits and songs. One of the many songs that played on the show was the song United States of Whatever; which premiered in 1999, during the show’s last season.

Music Video

First Wave/Bush’s United States of Whatever

The song was first parodied on the site Newgrounds by users MappyTheKlown, AntiClockClock, and BrainStorm-Graphics.

It was a jibe at George Bush and his invasion of Iraq, splicing audio of them impersonating George W. Bush over parts of the original song, not to be un-american, as they were called at the time, but just to “make a video for a funny song.” The video was created on October 5, 2003, just under 6 months after Fake Songs came out.

Original Video

Although the original video isn’t embeddable, here is the original song put to a different, albeit similar, video.

First Wave Derivatives

This version of the song now has different videos put to it on websites like Newgrounds and Youtube, many of which have over 10,000 views and some of which go as high as 90-100k.

Currently, this is the version of the video with the most views on Youtube, over 500,000.

Other Videos

Bush’s United States of Whatever

George W. Bush – This is my United States of Whatever

United States of “Whatever” (Bush Remix)

From Newgrounds

Second Wave/YTMND’s

It was only a matter of time until the song parodies crossed over to YTMND, which they eventually did.

On May 13, 2005, the first YTMND parodying United States of Whatever was made, called United States of Barrel Roll, which currently has over 115,000 views. It was made by user Jondiesel and sparked off a YTMND fad immediately, with people adding in anything from Darth Vader to Leeroy Jenkins to Tourettes Guy.

These YTMNDs, of which there are about 300, normally have a rating of 3.8-4.2 stars and have view counts that range from anywhere between 15,000 and 2,000, although many have over 30,000 views and one even has over 400,000 views!

Original YTMND/United States of Barrel Roll

Second Wave Derivatives/Notable YTMNDs

Influence within YTMND

The songs notability within YTMND has been shown through its inclusion on the first YTMND Soundtrack as the 18th track.

Third Wave/X’s United States of Y

The final wave of this fad takes place primarily on Youtube.

The first example of this wave of the fad, and the video with the most views in the fad, was made by the user FallenTempest on June 5, 2008, called United States of Gentlemen.

Although not sparking the current Youtube fad itself, the video inspired other videos such as the United States of Piker, L4D: Francis’ United States of Whatever, and My United States of Jarate.

Those videos in turn inspired Heavy’s United States of Sandvich, which is the first video created in the format most associated with the X’s United States of Y fad on Youtube.

The format of the current fad on Youtube is the subject of the song (Quite often a character from Team Fortress 2 or a Valve game) standing in front of an American flag, usually one of these two flags, and with a lot more of the original song replaced by in-game voices than the previous two fads.

This fad was given a burst of energy after Youtube User PrawnBoy101 made a parody called Soldier’s United States of Domination on June 5, 2010.

This video launched the fad from just a few separate videos to it’s current incarnation, with over 20 responses in just under 2 months. The characters in these parodies range from TF2 characters such as the Engineer or Demoman to anime characters and Nick from Left 4 Dead.

Third Wave Derivatives

Engineer’s United States of Nope

Nick’s United States of ASS.

Weeaboo’s United States of UGUU~

Jack Black’s United States of Octagon

Medic’s United States of Dummkopfs

Pyro’s United States of Spycheck

Spy’s United States of your mother

Rebel’s United States of Bullshit

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