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Username666 refers to a gruesome video by a Japanese visual artist Piropito (Japanese: ぴろぴと), also known as his YouTube username nana825763.[1] This video and its initial version, known as sm666, are famous creepypasta in both video hosting hub sites YouTube and Nico Nico Douga (NND), and it have been spreading like an urban legend.


The video later called as sm666, “A cursed video in niconico” (ニコニコ呪いの動画, Niconico Noroi no Douga) was made by Piropito for Slashup05 (slashup05 熱冬祭 MovieBattle), an online flash movie festival held in the end of December 2007, and it was uploaded to NND on 28th of that month.[2] This video tells a fictional story of verifying creepy posts about a NND’s video which id is “sm666” in 2channel’s /occult/ (paranormal & spiritual phenomenon) board.

The actual “sm666” video was a mere MAD videos for a Japanese TV anime R.O.D: Read or Die[3] which was uploaded on March 6th, 2007 (shown below)[4] and it had been already removed at some point in that year before Piropito uploaded the video.

Two months later, the YouTube version of sm666, username:666, was posted on February 28th, 2008. As shown by its title, this YouTube edition is a visual description of how someone took the plunge into a YouTube channel called “666”, also known as the devil’s number, which was originally suspended, but through countless refreashes, makes it so, leading to a slowly decaying YouTube page with weird videos and eventually the Devil inside taking over.

A demonic and gruesome video appearing inside the video in the last part is his another work “Drowned woman” (溺れる女), better known as YouTube’s video title “none”, that was released on September of the same year.[5]

The Creator

Piropito is a Japanese visual artist known for his creepy, surreal, psychological and suggestive works that are much inspired by Suzan Pitt[6] and Jan Švankmajer.[7] He started releasing gif animations and flash movies on his web site in 2001[8], and his online popularity had grown throughout the 2channel flash movie movement in the first half of 2000s. So he was also known as one of the famous flash movie creators in 2channel’s /swf/ (flash video) board.

In addition, his 2005 work “Doll”[9][10] attended to several film festivals in Europe in the following year: FUTURE FILM FESTIVAL (Italia), Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival[11] (France) and NIPPON CONNECTION[12] (Germany). An English Facebook fan page for him is also launched by fans.[13]



This short film done in the tradition of the Japanese modern horror films and games has earned many millions page views, and became to one of the famous creepypastas on the web.[14][15][16][17][18] On YouTube[19], this video is used mostly as a shoop or a prank (shown below).

Meanwhile on the Japanese web, sm666 is not only a famous keyword in Words You Must Never Search, but also a subject for parodies.[20] Some of them are MAD videos, and others are the cursed version of other videos/songs mimicking the style of sm666. A Nico Nico Pedia article for sm666 also follows the creepiness of the video.[21]

Another YouTube

Piropito made a follow-up video of “username:666”, called “Another YouTube”, which was submitted in April 10, 2010.

Notable Examples

Left: Kirby's Gourmet Race[22] | Right: Angry German Kid Parody

Left: McGiygas | Right: Motteke! Sailor Fuku

Left: While I Play Unfitting Music | Right: Satan’s message

Search Interest

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