Words You Must Never Search

Words You Must Never Search

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This entry contains content that may be considered sensitive to some viewers.


Words you must never search, also known as "Keywords you must never Google," is a list of search engine keywords that are directly associated with shock sites and other undesirable media.


The indexing of "words you must never search" (Japanese: 検索してはいけない言葉), or "keywords you must never Google" (Japanese: ググってはいけない言葉) on the Japanese web began as a compilation of individual threads discussing all sorts of NSFW content and shock sites on the anonymous text board community 2channel. While discussions of shock sites, gory media and computer viruses have occasionally taken place on 2channel's /news4vip/[1] board since late 2007, the first prototype list of "words you must never search" was started on 2channel's /occult/[2] (paranormal & spiritual phenomenon) board in January 2008 and continued to be updated until 2012.


These keywords compiled in /occult/ board threads had been increasing its online presence by affiliated blogs; blogs which summarize 2channel's threads to generate money via Amazon affiliate program or Google Adsense. Additionally, these keywords have been compiled in Naver matome pages[3] and videos on YouTube[4] and the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga[5] where several videos have been watched over a million times. There is also a wiki dedicated to compiling these keywords[6]. Several online encyclopedic articles have been created about these keywords.[7][8] Japanese internet users often share these blog posts and videos on social networking services, mainly Twitter, and are sometimes simply spread word-of-mouth.

In the Media

In the Japanese mass media, the "Words you must never search" fad is treated like an urban legend. It has sometimes been included in articles about scary rumors by gossip magazines. Several books and magazines dedicated to these keywords have been occasionally released since 2009 (shown below).

ググっては いけない 託/APAN12月号別冊 500 のまツ 相 に 「ドラえもん』に支離滅裂で不気味なエピソードか 「サザエさんのイクうちゃんが普通の言葉をしゃべった PS版「ぼくのなつやすみ」には8月32日が存在する R殷州10は吉野屋の永久無料チケットを持づている 禁断の 言葉がある TETSUJIN この話Roma? ▼ ‘広まる 絶 対 に いけない NONFICTION 検索NG! 恐怖の. 100連発!! ,2011 っては 最新版 | いけない 禁断唁葉 ! ジングルベル迪再生 かわいくさせて メキシコ人形 NNN臨時放送 オオノコウヘイ へんな11記ひろった 某国子供 となり아마ロ アルツハイマー画家 七色の川 苗山事件 2週間気づかず香港 愛の妖精ぷりんてぃん 東京全国観光 ゃったねたえちゃん 悟空介護画像 21151390:3 韓国キムチ! キッチンマザー 鳥居みゆき携帯 ガオーさん シオノギのCM 富田の股割レ ベクシンスキーの絵 森の妖精 | |起こしてテレビ宮 クレイジーゴースト 赤い部屋 トム·プライス 安全CM | 閲覧注意!検索NGワード140%

Categorization and Trauma Levels

Note: The following rule was created to avoid directly linking the content to the keywords when introducing them. Because of this, users often note what category the content falls under and how traumatic it could be, as well as including a brief description of what it is.

List of Categories

Note: This table is a translated rendition of the original tables provided in Japanese.

Example グリーン姉さん 淫乱テディベア List of Categories Gore Abnormal fetishes Preposterousness Diseases, deformities Living things of abnormal form and appearance Mind crasher Jump scares Horror Lolz Denpa Rare creatures Facts Computer damage Description Painful to look at, triggers instinctive disgust Seriously abnormal fetishes and sexual acts Preposterous acts which violate common sense and morals |黒い太陽731 扇風機おばさん 野崎コンビーフ Content which may cause mental damage and trauma Pop-ups of scary images combined with people screaming Paranormal phenomena, urban legends, scary stories etc Jokes and lolz worthy content Lunatics who cannot get along with normal people Creatures with rare features and abilities Very shocking facts Causes some kind of harm to computers |ウォーリーを探さないで アステカの祭壇 アナゴさん 愛の妖精ぷりんてぃん アケビコノハ コチニール色素 exeファイル捨てたい

The Seven Levels of Trauma

Note: This table shows how traumatic the content is rated on a scale of 1 to 7, with 7 being the most severe (Original Japanese Table).

Dangerousness Description These are mostly for the lolz Some of these may cause discomfort for some people One should take caution when searching these One should refrain from searching these Some of these could cause real damage One must never search these Nobody should enter this realm 시

Notable Examples

The List

English Translation Category Lv. Search Result
2girls1cup - Gore 5 2 Girls 1 Cup
(Ai No Yousei Printyn)
Printyn The Angel Of Love Denpa 1 Very spiritual web page by a Japanese old lady
赤い部屋 完全版
(Akai Heya Kanzenban)
Red Room Complete Edition Jump scares 4 A parody site of the famous interactive Flash animation adaptation of the urban legend “Red Room” (赤い部屋)[9]
- lolz 1 Vast amounts of voice samples of Anago-san from the Japanese TV anime Sazae-san.
(Atashi Wa Mou Oyome Ni Ikemasen)
I Can’t Marry Anymore Mind Crasher 3 Title of a traumatic illustration by a Japanese illustrator Yuko Tachibana
Brian Peppers - Deformities 2 Brian Peppers
(Chājiman KEN!)
Chargeman Ken! lolz 1 Chargeman Ken!
(Chechen no Kubikiri)
Chechen Guillotines Gore 5 A snuff film of Chechen soldiers killing a Russian captive
クレイジーゴースト Crazy Ghost Jump scares 4 Scary pictures of a lady well-used in old jump scare flash videos. She's also known as the Red-Eyed Lady
Dirlewanger Gore 4 Username of a cat killer, filed as a Japan Animal Cruelty Case in 2002[10]
(Ehō Maki)
Fortune Roll Mind Crasher 3 Hissu Amoto San / Airmoto
exe ファイル 捨てたい
(Exe File Sutetai)
Remove Exe Files Computer Damage 4 Malware that will leak your personal information
(Green Neesan)
Sister Green Gore 4 Photo of a decomposing corpse
ハッピーセット スポンジボブ Happy Set Spongebob lolz 1 Insane Set
ハラハラ Harahara Mind Crasher 2 Hissu Amoto San / Airmoto
Lotus Collages Gore 4 Photoshopped photos of people (esp. women) with lotus pod holes on their bodies
(Hatigatsu Sanjū Ninichi)
August 32nd Horror 1 Scary glitches in 1998 video game Boku no Natsuyasumi[11]
(Hitori kakurenbo)
One-Man Hide and Seek Horror 4 One-Man Hide and Seek / Hide and Seek Alone
イケメン トラウマ
(Ikemen Torauma)
Good-looking guy Trauma Gore 3 A scary picture of a boy with a long tongue
Fresh-looking but rotten Deformities 2 Virtual idol group of deformed girls
Lewd Dream Abnormal Fetishes 1 A midsummer night’s lewd dream
(Inran Teddy Bear)
Nympho Teddy Bear Abnormal Fetishes 2 Gay porn video of a hairy fat man
(Iruka No Yume De Sayounara)
Goodbye with a Dolphin’s Dream Horror 3 Interactive horror story that progresses by killing a girl
JAL123 - Gore 3 Pictures of horrific crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123[12]
(Jukai No Otoshimono)
Lost Items In The Sea Of Trees Gore 4 Pictures of suicides’ belongings left in Aokigahara, known as the suicide forest[13]
ジングルベル 逆再生
(Jungle Bell Gyakusaisei)
Reversed Jingle Bell Jump scares 3 Jump scare Flash movie
(Kurai Nichiyoubi)
Gloomy Sunday Mind Crasher 2 A depressing song known as the 1933 Hungarian suicide song[14]
黒い太陽 731
(Kuroi Taiyō 731)
Black Sun 731 Preposterousness 3 1988 Hong Kong-Chinese horror movie that used real corpses called Men Behind the Sun[15]
クソみそテクニック Kusomiso Technique Abnormal Fetishes 1 The original manga title of Yaranaika?
(Mori No Yousei)
A Fairy Of Forest Abnormal Fetishes 1 Billy Herrington
(Motorcycle (Mota-Otoko))
- Gore 3 Photo of a man who lost his face
(Nozaki Conbīfu)
Nozaki Canned Beef Horror 3 Scary illustrations by a japanese artist
(Owaranai Natsuyasumi)
Never ending Summer Vacation Horror 4 Eroguro novel posted to the web circa 1998
POSO - Gore 5 Video footage of a religious war that occurred in indonesia from 1998 to 2001[16]
佐川一政 Issei Sagawa Gore 5 Issei Sagawa[17], a Japanese man who killed and cannibalized a Dutch woman in Paris, 1981
- lolz 1 Senkōsha
sm666 - Horror 3 Username666 (a.k.a. sm666)
(Sō on obasan no shinjitsu)
The Truth of Mrs. Noisy Fact 1 A conspiracy theory in Miyoco / Mrs. Noisy
(Soup Ojisan)
Uncle Soup Gore 3 Photo of a decomposing corpse in a tub
タイヤネックレス Tyre Necklace Gore 5 Pictures of necklacing[18]
ウクライナ21 Ukraine 21 Gore 6 Snuff films of Dnepropetrovsk maniacs[19] (21 stands for the number of victims)
(Wally Wo Sagasanaide)
Don’t look for Waldo Jump scares 3 Shocking flash video spoofing “Where’s waldo?
(West Fusai)
Mr. & Mrs. West Gore 1 English serial killer Fred West and his wife[20]
(Kensaku Shitewa Ikenai Kotoba)
Words you must not search - 7 Pictures/videos suggested by the whole of the keywords in this series

Via. atwiki[6] and Nico Nico Pedia[8]

Reaction Videos

There are many reaction videos on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga in which users film themselves while searching these keywords upon request. These videos are usually composed of video screenshots of the search results with a commentary from the user.

Search Interest

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