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@daddytype “Fascism” is the unification of a nation through the violent and wild control of the masses, censorship, indoctrination, mandatory conscription, and intensive physical training. This fellow doesn’t precisely look like a totalitarian revolutionary to me, unless dictators have lost their military fashion over the years.

Preferring not to alter the English language over purporting removing the word “man” from “woman” is a personal choice of his shared by many people, including other feminists.

If you didn’t view everything a calling out and were a bit less militant in your views, you’d realize he was actually outlining the irony of people who completely miss the point of feminism, as in those who instead of practicing contrarily to gender normalcy and peacefully combating people who attempt to placate women, try to violently assert their position.

Always know where the real fight is.


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Keep in mind the second video took place after someone (suspected to be a feminist who was protesting the meeting) went so far as to pull the fire alarm to prevent this meeting of MRAs. I don’t think there’s been a single case of MRAs organizing and disrupting peaceful discussions between feminists, yet feminism seems entirely comfortable with censoring and shutting down any opposition.

You know what that’s called? Oppression! Oh, hypocrisy!


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