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A madpony with a sexy box
A madpony with a sexy box

Well, what about them not being capable of making show accurate toys? Or their taking down episodes on Youtube, then making you pay to watch them? Or their taking down fan content like Friendship is Witchcraft (which is not copyright infringement due to Fair Use)? Generally, Hasbro only cares about money. They see the show as a half hour commercial (Until they saw they could turn a profit on it, of course) and will treat it as such. It’s Studio B we have to thank for the show being what it is. They’re the ones who made it good and keep it good, even when Hasbro makes them do things like add characters OUT OF NOWHERE to sell more playsets. For example, it was Studio B that took Hasbro’s pretty pink marketing scheme, Cadance, and made her the princess we all know and love (and made one of their best episodes in the process). As such, I do have hope that Studio B can turn Hasbro’s latest marketing ploy (Twilicorn) and make a great episode, just like they always do.

TL; DR (gamer’s edition)
Hasbro = EA Games
Studio B = Any of EA’s bought-out companies that actually does the work

General Yi
General Yi

@Mr. Attractive Box
Well, you are right about the Studio B part, but let’s not forget that Hasbro is a toy company. It would be rather odd if they tried to do something other than sell toys. And regarding the show-inaccurate toys, my guess would be that there is some sort of lack of communication between Hasbro the toy company, and Studio B the cartoon company.

Hasbro makes the toys, Studio B makes the cartoons. If one tried to do the other’s job, it’d be like if Rarity and Applejack switched jobs.


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