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“taken away what mattered” Wait… what?

Even if Twilight becoming a Princess really altered her role in the show, it’s not like that would destroy the show. There are many reasons why the show is liked the way it is, Twilight’s not the main one. At best, big fans of Twilight would get angry but that’s it.

Sure, some of the S3 episodes were pretty much like fanfics… Hell, EqG is pretty much FiM; Fanfiction: the Movie as written by McCarthy But they were very few in number and weren’t THAT bad, and S4 didn’t have that as a problem.

You’d think the “doom sayers” of MLP would’ve learned the Wait and See mentality when they started freaking out over Cadence being introduced as the third official Alicorn. She didn’t change anything, (she’s hardly even on screen for more than a second…)


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