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Welcome To Know Your Mom!

Hello, child, and welcome to Know Your Mom! It’s me, your mom. I’m so happy to see you today! Welcome to a very special website where we celebrate me, your mom!

I was scrolling through your internet history (sorry!) and noticed you liked to visit a very weird site called “Know Your Meme” that was filled with cartoon girls and animals that look like they’d have some serious back pain (if you know what I mean ;-)) and thought that’s no place I want my kid visiting!

So I paid a visit to this Don fellow and offered to use your college tuition money to buy the site. He was very agreeable! He said yes and told me to “have fun with poochyena,” which I think is the office dog but I haven’t met it yet. I can’t wait though!

Anywho, Know Your Meme is now Know Your Mom, and it’s all about me, your mom!

Alrighty then, I’m off to chat up that handsome Don to finalize the transaction. Please enjoy all the articles about me, your mom, today. There’s a casserole in the fridge if you get hungry scrolling Know Your Mom. Please take the chicken out of the freezer at noon so it can defrost. DO NOT FORGET, or we’re ordering tacos again, and not from the good taco place.

I love you very much and I’ll see you when I get home!


Me, your mom.

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