Two Karens in the following collection.

10 Karens Spotted In The Wild By Redditors

Karens are truly a nightmare to deal with. Customer service and retail workers should get some sort of medal honoring the fact that they put up with these people all day long. Even in 2023, Karens are a very real problem that never is solved. Even after years of everyone online calling them out, the Karens of the world have never bothered to correct their bad behavior. In fact, they've gotten even worse.

Even though pointing out their bad behavior doesn't seem to solve anything, we've gathered a collection of some of the worst Karens to have appeared online in recent days. Thanks to Reddit, a community of people has gathered around watching for more Karens to appear, and they never disappoint. Here are just a few of their recent finds.

Anti-Masker’s Mask

QZ 180

In a way, it sort of works, because it's effective in preventing people from ever coming near this guy.

Drama at Hobby Lobby

8:44 LTE O Time to Rant! I went to Hobby Lobby to return two items. The clerk told me there was only one register to make returns. The woman that was in front of me was in the process of returning many items and in turn purchasing 80-100 items - her basket was bulging (no exaggeration) - After all the Christmas items were 60-70% off! I asked the manager if I could make my return at another register (no line). She said that the line where I was standing, was the only return register. I told her I would come back another day since I didn't feel like waiting. After a few minutes, she opened up a new register so I could return the purchase (she wasn't nice about it). I don't understand why Hobby Lobby only has one register for returns. After all, it's the 21st century! Something similar happened to me two weeks ago at same Hobby Lobby - the woman in front of me had a cart full of seasonal fall decoration that were drastically reduced. I was only buying a couple of items. I must have gotten in the wrong line! It would be kind if the person in front of would have said "since you only have a couple of items, you can go in front of me". Unfortunately, it's a "ME first" society and people are choosing be selfish instead of showing kindness to others and focusing on another person's needs instead of their own.

Karen Wants to Speak to the Manager of the Military Base

1h ... I've tried to call the army depot to find out J information of how much detonation of ammunition we can expect daily. My house is rocking and my animals are devastated. Does anyone know anything? I can't get through to anyone. OBJ You and 55 others 92 comments

I love how she included that her "animals" were "devastated."

Because OP Wouldn’t Mod His Sword in a Game

10:39 1 I'll go to jail to get this back I'll tell Nintendo we are Are getting to jail break it and I'll get us dyed m sued by Nintendo just to get my system back. You want to get sued by Nintendo. You thought you were smart but your just a kid that going to be a felon hahahaha Hope you like a guy named Bubba he likes fresh fish like you in prison O inniu 05:32 123 A A (: Text Message Cash QWERTYUIO ASDFGHJKL O ZXC CVBNM 95 space X return 0

Seems like a rational reaction.

Compact Car Police

H 3 Your Car is not Compact AC 90

Very Helpful Review

1:17 MM OVERVIEW 43254 ← BDS Books 1 h D REVIEWS PHOTOS Discover ME | 64% More Google reviews : "Owner was super friendly and helpful and I probably spent an hour in there" Search ABOUT "One of my very favorite places to shop for myself or gifts for other people!" 4.7 ***** (151) "I cannot rate the experience as I could not locate the bookstore." Collections

Christian Names Only

Co nunn will send you 1 email a mo purposes, please tick the box Applicant De *Required *Surname Christian *Given Name(s). Date of Birth *House Name / N *Postcode *Email_

This Karen probably was rejected from whatever they were applying to.

Manhood Karen

Nick Clown @Nick Clown Fest Manhood is under attack like no other time in world history. Translate Tweet 6:04 05 Feb 23 133K Verified Views 62 Retweets 78 Quote Tweets 712 Likes ...

Apparently I’m a Karen Too

* Follow Dear white women who use "Karen" or "yt" to describe/identify/condemn other white women, ●●● There is no difference between you & other white women. Not even between you & racist white women. You are still a white woman. You are Karens & yt women as well. Those terms can literally only apply to white women by coinage. You are not different. You are not better. Yall are literally the same ppl; same demographic. That is the whole point.

Blocking Her Whole Rear-View Window to Complain About Bad Drivers

GET on the PHONE AND DRIVE IT'S ILLEGAL anyway's. Drive the Speed Limit Stop Pulling out in front of People. We don't have to have Giant gaps in between Vehicle's. As only 1 can length. The Adults & worse th Kid's about #Ad SAC in hand. and gettic of Yell I he and call u Stag ENVOY HR OKLAHOMA HWT-557 GMC

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