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12 Karens Caught Making The World A Little Worse

We're very used to hearing the term Karen nowadays. Some people think it's a slur. If you think it is, you might very well be one of them, because it isn't. A Karen is simply a self-centered and entitled person who puts their needs so far before anyone else's that they'll willingly start fights over the most minor inconveniences, making everyone else's lives a living nightmare, especially if you happen to work in retail or food service. Often, Karens make racist comments and try their hardest to get customer service workers fired.

Ever since the term became prevalent years ago, Karens haven't taken the opportunity to reflect on their own behavior and become more respectful members of society. And in the pandemic and post-pandemic eras, they've just been angrier than ever, mostly because they absolutely refuse to put on a mask. In 2023, there's still a lot of them out there, so here are some examples of Karens going way too far in recent weeks.

Karen Can’t Figure Out the Kindle, so It’s the Author’s Fault

From United Kingdom Dave McInerney ✰✰✰✰✰ Verified Purchase Kindle edition cannot be read on a Kindle Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 February 2023 I know that this is surprising, having bought the book and downloaded it I am getting a message saying 'This item is not compatible with your device', support told me that it is not compatible with the Kindle 10, so apparently it does not do what it says on the tin

Reviews like this really hurt new authors' chances of selling their books. Plus this isn't how Kindles work anyway.


1d. ✪ We got happy meals from McDonald's today for lunch. Pokémon cards were the prize. I knew Pokémon was demonic (even when my son was little) but never saw the cards up close and personal. WOW! Energy is "attached" and is even capitalized like it's deified. After we threw them away, we had a great conversation about not allowing anything that's not of God into our homes and lives (even if our friends are doing it). Call me legalistic, old school, fanatical (I squarely own that one) but I won't allow magic, sorcery, new age, eastern religion, or anything with "Energy attached" in my home! okémon HT. 8° WT. 0.7 b cate any Energy attached, it has no iny Charge resistance retreat One alone can emit o trickle of them gathers to unleash weakness X2 2022 Pokémon/Nintendo/Creatures/G/ 141 NO. 235 Painter Pokémon HT. 311 WT. 127.9 lbs Live Painting 30+ Reveal any number of basic Energy cards from your hand. This attack does 30 more damage for each type of basic Energy you revealed in this way. weakness x2 resistance Illus. Kok Saitou E 5/15 422 Pokémon/Ni ... retreat It draws symbols with the fluid that oozes from etip of its tail. Depending on the symbol, Smearle fanatics will pay big money for them. 02022 Pokémon/Nintendo/Creatures/GAME FREAK 78 comments 17 shares

I think this Karen has a bad Energy attached to her.

Doug Is At It Again

4.3 351 reviews Ⓒ D Local Guide -49 reviews - 7 photos a week ago NEW NEW review as they feel the need to challenge reviews here and on other places. This how in wall is a must miss in a must miss town. : This place was great and now it's awful. You're greeted with political BLM signs. Guess they didn't read about all the major issues with embezzlement that organization is now going through. They rudely demand masks which has been proven by 3 major worldwide studies to be ineffective. Their store... their choice, but this place is a must miss. The odd, angry man Jim who has been responding actually threatened that he called my place of work. That's harassment and I took a screen shot for my attorney.. You're canceling yourself, but nice try. I don't live in a far left state anymore and when coming back home to visit will never spend even a penny I might find on that store again. Regret very much the thousands I've spent there over the years. Rude owners and managers who are trite and petty in their attacks. Avoid this place if you value yourself and hard earned money. Yep. Waiting for the juvenile response. I think it's funny that you think my company would care about any of your opinions. My boss says go woke, go broke, and clearly by the reviews is what's happening. 15 Response from the owner 3 weeks ago January 2023: DUDE! It's been seven months since your original review. Were you so triggered by our mask policy that you're still whining about it seven months later? Do you actually have nothing better to do with your time than complain about a business that you visited once in the past ten years and that is 1300 miles away from you? You really are a snowflake. Still waiting to hear from your lawyer. And we're still in business, 38 years and going strong, so also waiting on that cancellation you predicted. By the way, have not required masks for months, you doughnut. June 2022: All we hear from you is "Weh! Weh! I'm a baby who was told to wear a mask and it hurt my feelings." We didn't threaten to contact your boss, Doug hear back. Please don't come back to the business, we will not miss you Doug , we did contact your boss and we're waiting to

Found After Parking in a Public Parking Space

DIM Pascua oran 1 1300 101 To Owner of this Car EXIT EG backde COLS WA Please consider the Needs of the People liome in Nr 7/5/3 Matisse Way we need this parking Space, in case case of Vehicles Visitors, our Own Cars, Emergency гено Please think rebout that LAY M 2

How could you be so entitled you think you own a parking space in a public area? A "public parking space" is literally there for the public to park in.


1 Good morning, just check in for you visit coming up .2/24-3/8 ?123 10:28 AM I'm sorry, but one of my best friends died on Friday and I'm a complete mess. I need to put work on hold for a few weeks until I'm more functional. I'm sorry for your loss so are you saying you won't be sitting for me?? 6 min 2 3 7 QWERT YUI Text message GIF 4 5 6 8 O 9 ОР ASDFGHJKL Z X CV BNM Ⓡ 1 0

Karen Is NOT a Low Life

Overall If I could have given you a zero I would have.....but I was offended when I walked into the store with intentions to buy something and was told I had to leave my backpack behind the counter, I am grown woman with 7 grand children and a good job that I had to be finger printed for do you honestly think I am about to jeopardize my job to shoplift from a thirft store??? Seriously??? So, needless to say, I will NEVER step foot in there and I walked right out the door when I was told this. I am NOT a low life that takes free rides on the lightrail and takes advantage of the sytem, I work for a living and I am appauled by this. Helpful (0) Flag

Damage to Property

Just wanted to let everyone know where Papa John's near Meridianville. They have a driver that has a transmission leak. He will pull in your driveway and leave a big spot of transmission fluid. Papa John's management stated Papa John's is not responsible for damage there drivers do to your property. 128 5 6 7-8 10 6 S V PATIMILS 213 comments • 8 shares

The fact that this person got out a tape measurer and everything is honestly just very embarrassing.

Karen Discovers She Can’t Return Used Sushi

il y a 7 mois 1 ordered 60 or so sushi rolls because I thought they were in sale but it turned out to be something else that as on sale, but anyways I was also with my kids so we were all eating sushi, and then they gave me the bill and I saw it was over a hundred dollars which I didn't have, and since me and my kids hadn't eaten 30 or so of the sushi rolls I told the waitress I'd give back the sushi for a refund of all of the sushi we didn't eat. SHE REFUSED! IT SHOULD BE EVERY RESTAURANTS POLICY THAT THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! ALWAYS! So then I had to leave MY KIDS at the restaurant and had to drive to the nearest ATM and get enough money for the bill! This is NOT okay, I will not be returning anytime soon.

…and that sushi is expensive. Who would have guessed?

Beekeeper Neighbor Problems

Best of Nextdoor @bestofnextdoor "CAN I SUE MY BEEKEEPER NEIGHBOR?" Can I sue my beekeeper neighbor? Every day i see my neighbor's bees flying around my garden stealing the pollen or nectar from my flowers. Then the bees go back to my neighbor and creates honey. My neighbor then harvests the honey and sells it at Pepper Place Market for profit. I have never recieved so much as a jar of honey as compensation and everyday my neighbors bees trespass and steal my flowers. I was stung once when I was a child, so i know how dangerous bees can be. The way i see it, this is equivalent to a persons dog coming into my yard to steal balls or tools then gives it back to his owner who then sells it for profit. 800 Do i have legal ground to sue? What type of things should I begin documenting in order to prepare for a legal battle? What would be a fair settlement amount if my neighbor doesnt want to take this to court? Thanks for the help.

Karen Complains Her Followers Aren’t Supporting Her Enough

I May Upset Some Of You But.. I Have 83,000 Followers.. If You're Not Going To Support Me Why Are You Following Me? I'm Trying To Win Inked Cover & I Assumed With As Many Followers As I Have I Would Have More Support With Things I Do.. I Understand If You Have Friends Or Family Running Or You Don't Vote For Things But Theres 83,000 Of You.. Help Support Me Or Unfollow Me.. I Need Real Genuine People In My Corner & If It's Not Going To Be You Then Please Don't Waste My Space. Thank You & Have An Amazing Weekend

Karen vs Ice Cream Truck Owner

I run an ice cream truck on the side to earn cash. Normally park in the tourist hot spots during peak hours. Today a young girl ran up to my truck and told her mother she wanted an ice cream. The mother told her no as she didn't have any money. The girl was really cute and seemed excited so I offered the mum a free ice cream as a spur of the moment thing. Girl was happy, mum was happy, I was happy they were happy. After they left a bogan woman quickly walked up to my truck and said she saw I was giving away ice cream and asked for three "hundreds and thousands chocolate ice creams" (hundreds and thousands are a topping) for her kids. I told her I wasn't giving ice cream out and it was just a one-off. She was very annoyed at this as she thought it was unfair that her children were being denied free ice cream when I gave some to "that Asian brat" as she put it. Okay, up until now I'm obviously NTA. But I must admit that last comment along with her entitled attitude angered me. So I yelled out to a family sitting on the grass if they wanted free ice cream. The kids ran over excitedly and the parents thanked me. Mrs Bogan is really worked up now and calling me names. Repeated the act to a family (parents + 2 kids) walking past and gave them each a freebie. At this point she stormed off infuriated and I felt a little happy at how mad I'd made her.

Points to the ice cream truck owner for going out of their way just to further infuriate this woman.

Karen Gets Offended at the Walmart Checkout

610047 afr NO 5G636% r/walmartaren iBfahu/UpstairsRecord8623... Going through the recent revie... LINE 3 weeks ago NEW First of all, I bring my own bags, easier for me to scan them in the cart. So apparently they thought (the front manager)I was stealing and she was very very rude!! Had me leave the self checkout and go to a cashier. Which I had SAID I can use this other checkout and the manager said No you need to go to a cashier!!! And as they saw I was NOT stealing. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW RUDE THEY WERE and the worst part is that I go there like 3-4 times a week and they all know me. I could have made a big scene but I didn't. Yes Karen I'm completely sure they would call you out for this stuff if they knew you like that. ↑ 11 ↓ 14 Share

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