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15 Annoying Karens Caught Spreading Their Complaints Online

We're all a little too familiar with Karens nowadays. What once was just a simple name has evolved into a label for a whole group of people who seemingly can't stop complaining about any minor inconvenience in their lives. It really shouldn't be this hard to just go through life without throwing a tantrum as a grown adult, whether it's in public or on social media, but once again, the Karens of the world have disappointed us.

If you're over the age of seven, you'll see why the behaviors in this list are inappropriate. Some of these Karens are even so proud of themselves for acting out that they'll make up entire fantasy stories and post them as if they're really true, which also means they stopped maturing at about seven years old. Prepare yourself to experience the day-to-day reality of an overworked and underpaid customer service employee, because we've got a list of the fifteen most memorable new Karens that have been shared online this week.

Karen the Marriage Counselor

Faith 2h Emotional abuse is not a reason to get divorced no matter what the podcast/book/ counselor says. Look at what the Bible says. 60 Like 147 comments 5 shares Comment Share

Casual Husband Bashing on the Local Buy / Sell Page

7:37 Buy, Sell, Trade 20h- Barely used and has just been sitting around waiting for my husband to "get around to it" Pick up o Bought a couple of years ago. Husband swore that if we bought a Dyson and replaced my vacuum that he would take on that chore Well....... Thankfully did not get rid of my vacuum ( 90 $125. Dyson - Ball Multifloor 2 Upright Vacuum - Yellow/Iron X multifloor 2 Message

Racist Hospital Karen

THE JERUSALEM POST Hospital moves Arab woman after Jewish woman refuses to share room = BY YOAV ETIEL/WALLA, ELI ASHKENAZI/WALLA! Published: FEBRUARY 1, 2023 16:46 רפואי העמק מחלקה לרפואה דחופה ...EIERGENCY GA —

I don't know how anyone can be so racist that they kick out another sick person, despite being so sick herself that she couldn't even get out of a hospital bed. It's supervillain behavior.

Woke Toys

All 7:16 27 Favorites Friends · 1h. of LTE 48% Groups Pages M Little perturbed that the staff at the Fountains are handing out pride memorabilia to kids at the pool. We get enough of the "woke" agenda at home. We don't want it while on vacation.

Does This Very Realistic Story Count?

I have a very Dear Friend Named Karen was a long time sidewalk counselor in Atlanta. Karen turned thousands of girls from Abortion. She refused to abide by an unconstitutional bubble zone law the city counsel passed. I think she got over 60 citations. I don't think she ever paid one or did jail time over it. The Police would Park their cruisers and watch her. They would watch her talking to girls coming to abort. Watch the tearful embraces and prayer. Watch the girl turn around to leave. Then they would go "Wooomp Wooomp" on their sirens. They would bring her ice tea in the summer. Hot chocolate in the winter. Umbrellas and rain gear in wet weather. who When Karen was finally called in to court (Over rescue arrests) she was looking at the possibility of spending about 12 years in jail and over $30,000 in fines. When the judge walked in the court room he saw it was filled with police officers in uniform! He was astounded and said "What are all you guys doing here?" One of them shouted "We are here because we LOVE HER!!!" The judge started looking into all of the letters from women who had chosen life with baby pictures attached and reading the women saying things like "If Karen hadn't been there that day I would've made the biggest mistake of my life!" The judge dropped all of the charges and dismissed everything and he gave Karen permission to ignore the bubble laws in place in Atlanta so In his own words "She can continue her ministry!"

Yeah, sure, that totally happened.

Another Extremely Racist Karen

To: NADINE, "FRESH CO" Store, 181 BROCK STREET, PETERBOROUgh, кан 2P6 3805 M4L / in able around ON Nadine: After the yeare you've been working with white people, you haven't learn their gentle, caring courteous ways. You still are rude and arrogant manners. CANADA One your wages. "PRIVATE" your many customers feel uncomfort- P Educate yourself, refine your cultural background. very you may fit better in Toronto than in this town. Think about of the ones who pay reddit

I've seen a lot of Karens over the years, but few of them have been this blatantly racist and evil. Customer service workers truly have the patience of saints to deal with people like this.

Wearing a Mask Really Isn’t Hard

replied My child's kindergarten teacher masked her behind my back today (I've made it clear we don't do masks) so if you're wondering how life in a blue state is ... 4,563 2,302 15 7,514 ılı 86M Shut up, alive, not oppressed. Your child is 1,947 ₁34.5K 企

Canine Karen


I know, not a serious one, but still…picture her owner.

Spicy Wings

X 10 reviews 11 months ago This is the Only place tht I buy my subs from,for the past 5 yrs.I decided to by the wings for my little one and they burned her mouth they were soooo spicy.I buy wings All the time from different places and they usually let you kno if they are Extra Spicy.I called and spoke with this young lady who said tht she was the manager and she was very rude to me, and she told me tht her 5 yr old eats them and it's nothing she can do about it. She also said tht wing dings are supposed to be spicy! I have never been treated so rudely by anyone from this deli before.I said well I'll just call back tomorrow and she I'll be here tomorrow too!! Very very nasty young lady!!! Helpful 1 ●●●

Seems Like an Overreaction

I am new to this fair city and I like to walk around town for exercise. Thing is I almost get run over by cars while in the middle of a crosswalk* even in broad daylight. I'm not sure if that's legal but I was considering the next time someone gets close enough to almost hit me I will punch their driver side window out. Is that a legal retaliation? It is disrespectful for sure and it's intended to be but I'm not sure how legal that would be. In a way it is self defense. I was also considering after punching the window out if they get out for a ruckus then I'll spray them with mace. From my understanding after I mace them I will have to call the police but do I need to call the police after I punch their window out? Do I need to be wearing a body cam to protect myself in court if they try to press charges? What I am talking about here is punching the window out as the car is in motion as it is going by me. If the person gets away then that's all good. I won't go hunt them down to punch the window out. I'll just get them the next time they almost run me over. I have a window puncher but I think I'm strong enough to do an appropriate amount of damage with my fist. I also think I will have a harder time saying I didn't specifically go outside to punch people's windows out if I use the window puncher should such an opportunity arise. Maybe after enough windows get punched out some locals might be more attentive when approaching an intersection with a cross walk? Thanks for any advice concerning this. = = Edit for better clarity. I'm almost getting run over while in middle of crosswalk not sidewalk

Karen Is Terrified of People Going on Walks

10:35 < H Need advise: for the last several months - people have been walking around our cul de sac - wierd as never happened before after owning our home over 50 yrs. It is one woman - no jacket - one man and woman - lightly dressed - two women. Woman with baby in stroller - pregnant woman. We are all elderly on our quiet street and I am not sure what all this walking is about. Just really concerned. We all have multiple vehicles. We have a truck and RV. Am I just over reacting???? TIA S H Home 26 Neighbors I've lived here 30 years and rarely saw people walking around. Since younger people are moving into the neigh... See more 2w 1 17 Like Reply Share 2w 2w Author Did not think of that at all. Thanks so much 5 Introduce yourself 2w 1 16 Discover Like + Take pictures of faces. Record times and Discussion closed on 15 Jan. Post Like Reply Share Like Reply Share 5 For Sale Notifications

Imagine Being This Upset About the Title Dr.

Announcers for this Eagles-49ers game just spotted the First Lady in a box and of course call her “Dr. Jill Biden." Wonder if she realizes what a wannabe she looks like insisting on this fake title. Get a real MD or just work on your self-esteem. 5:02 AM 1/30/23 3.8M Views . 28.5K Likes 2,529 Retweets 2,390 Quotes Q 27 口 企

For those who have not gone past a middle-school education level, it's difficult to grasp that anyone who spent 8+ years in college and earned a doctorate degree has earned the title of doctor.

Yeah, That Happened

Minding my own business eating lunch and some rather large woman with purple hair comments that she liked my shirt because it makes it easier to spot the a@sholes in this world. Not sure what she has against British motorcycles but whatever I guess. 33 TRIU MIH

Karen Tries to Ruin a Wholesome Moment

Lady Gaga took a photo with and gave money to a homeless man. When she leaned in for the photo, he said "I smell" to which she replied, "Don't worry, I smell too." 7:00 pm 25 Jan 23 ● @THELIONLAW 766K Views 929 Retweets 52 Quote Tweets 30K Likes 17 go Replying to @WholesomeMeme In the intimacy of their moment he opened up about something about himself that embarrassed him. Now he is seen all over the world with this information linked to him/his face, completely beyond his control. I'm sorry but this is not a wholesome meme *at all*.

4th Grade Karen

4/1404 Dear Tooth-Fairy, You have had 7 nights to pick up my tooth and tooth and give. still haven't got it!! You better give me money but you pick my or I will write my tooth. to give me money Your manager/ and have a fit!! (es. You Stink!! Tonight" be night X m the 8th e In ZIS Your disgusted Frieadh,

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