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15 Images With Unexpectedly Wholesome Twists

Who doesn't love unexpected twists to some things? Well, a wholesome twist sounds better. This genre has become a popular online community for those who appreciate the small moments of kindness and positivity in our world. This subreddit is dedicated to sharing content that is unexpectedly heartwarming, uplifting, and wholesome. The content on /r/UnexpectedlyWholesome often takes the form of heartwarming stories, kind gestures, or adorable animals. Unlike other subreddits that may rely on sarcasm or cynicism for humor, the memes on this subreddit evoke genuine feelings of warmth and joy.

Many of the posts feature content that is unexpected or even surprising, making the moments of kindness and positivity all the more meaningful. It reminds us that there is still goodness and kindness in the world, and that these moments of positivity can be found in even the most unexpected places. In conclusion, the subreddit /r/UnexpectedlyWholesome has become a beloved online community for those who appreciate the small moments of kindness and positivity in our world. Its uplifting content and supportive community have made it a bright spot on the internet, and a reminder that goodness and kindness can be found in even the most unexpected places. So let's take a look at some of the best and top-voted images from Reddit's /r/unexpectedlywholesome.

Good for him.

i love my wife i love my wife F pill time Medication and therapy has allowed him to live a happy, well-adjusted life despite his schizophrenia diagnosis

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Love your pets.

When you call your pet's name and you start hearing the pitter-patter of their little paws as they make their way to you

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Trains rights.


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That kid is amazing.

Such a W.

My goal was to graduate before I reached 100 years of age. I made it with 33 years to spare.

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Congrats to Grandpa for that feat, real win.


My kid thought she was pretty funny yesterday... Brownie Today, I knocked on her door and asked her if she wanted the last brownie. She said yes. Her face was priceless... -Brownie- P.S. That is my dog, not my daughter. He just thought I had something for him.

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Cone of shame.


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Helpful friends.


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Cute moment.

I love this so much } RAINBOW

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Blessed rain.

We had a sudden burst of rain sagelynaive I want you guys to notice how the dog spot is almost completely 100% dry, meaning doggo did not move until the rain had stopped. I would like you to further notice that the only part of the dog spot that has any water at all is the tail portion, which would seem to indicate doggo picked up his tail at some point to wag it. Doggo had a fantastic time in this sudden burst of rain.

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Science questions.

Klytus_Im-Bored 8h S 9 Awards Make a post with all the questions and let me do it. I'm bored at work and don't wanna do my actual college work. bigfigwiglet. 5h ● evetrapeze 5h ● ... 1 Award I'm 67 and retired, not particularly bored but I love science so count me in for answering the questions. ... Reply 17.3k ... 3.3k 1 Award 65, laying in bed, drinking hot chocolate, love science. Let's do this! Edit: thank you for the award!! Who says slothful behavior can't be rewarding 1.7k

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Pretty much.

My family: a girlfriend, My girlfriend For sure when he gets he'll mature and I: DOQUE NEW

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Burly bikers.

LITTLE ARI www. PRESIOGNY By Positive Thoughts PIT February 26th, 2020 HEY Burly bikers come together in court to help kids feel safe as they face abusers that hurt them wala

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Tough-looking people doing cute stuff hits different.

Love this.

-Listen, baby, I always get what I want. -I said, no. DR Oh, did you? I completely misunderstood. Please accept our apologies.

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Mrs. Duck and co.

C-FID ERLA Mike リッチマンゴール LANY Deep Deep - スパイシーチ スパイシーチ ME なか

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Thanks Dad.

: Anonymous Co blocked Myself 11 KB JPG 08/23/22(Tue)18:43:45 No.69930310 > Be me > Autistic > Own a piece of s car > Piece of s car breaks down > Need a car to get to and from college > Based dad lends me his nice new car (2022 Corvette Stingray) > Classes over, about to get in sweet ride to go home > 9/10 Hottie from one of my classes approaches. > Wow, anon you have a REALLY nice car. > Autistic response incoming > Pffft, I wish it was mine. It belongs to my dad. Mines in the shop. > Stare at car for another 3 seconds > Mumble Yep, wish it was mine. > Get in car > Drive off > > MFW Realization.png > Want to accelerate to 90 Mph and drive into a tree right then and there. > Get home > Tell dad about it > Tells me not to worry and says I might be able to borrow the car more often. Thanks Dad, youre the best.

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