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15 People Being Obnoxious, Embarassing Or Downright Creepy From Reddit's 'Cringe Pics'

There are a lot of people out there who just shouldn't be on social media. Most of us grew out of our overdramatic, rude and cringeworthy ways a long time ago, but these people certainly haven't. In fact, they're actively posting and DMing people on social media with some things no one ever wanted to see. They're really just embarrassing themselves, honestly. Fortunately, it's pretty funny for the rest of us.

These people making fools or jerks of themselves on social media can be fun to watch from afar, mostly because every image like this reminds the rest of us that we will never be this bad. We may not all be proud of our social skills, but we're nowhere near these people. From "alpha male" content gone predictably wrong to someone trying to call a cancer patient weak because he had cancer in the first place, these are some of the most memorable times people were just downright cringeworthy.

OP's Wife Got This Message after an F1 Stream

8 8 NEW MESSAGES February 6, 2023 Today at 12:42 AM Hi I am also a girl love racing day at 12:50 AM Can you help me realize a wish? day at 1:39 AM unfortunately I suffer from depression, I would like to be able to learn pedal operation from you, could you please put a camera in front of the pedal? Maybe this will help me recover, thank you

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This is a pretty embarrassing attempt to get a video of someone's feet, so much so that it's actually pretty sad.

This Random DM from a Stranger

SUN 3:18 AM If you're single and miserable, that's on you honey. No one single or miserable over here ? Do If king know you?

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A Wholesome Redditor with a Kind Comment

1 §1 9 I beat colon cancer today. Happiest day of my life. 175k 5y 3.1k ↑ Share Award I mean you didn't really "beat" anything, if anything your own body was beating you, sort of similar to punching yourself in the head and then cutting your arm off to stop it. Not really a win. 1

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This is the sort of rude and dismissive comment that invokes some unpleasant karma (cancer) to take over this person's life.

Cops Bragging about Blackmailing a Man into Giving Them His Mercedes

11:09 Rincon Police Department 1d. The Rincon Police Department had a sizable donation today by Austin Banks from North Carolina. Mr. Banks drove down to patronize our local Walmart and an anonymous caller helped him learn about our charitable program. He had no idea that if you get caught with enough of certain controlled substances, in this case concentrated THC referred to as Dabs, you can donate your vehicle to the police department. This was extremely generous since he had just purchased the Mercedes in full one day prior. With Mr. Banks being from out of state, we provided him with transportation to a local Effingham County bed & breakfast. We would like to extend this program to whomever wishes to participate although there are certain restrictions. Rincon's beloved Lt. Snitch is available to see if you qualify. "A dabba dabb'll do." -F.F. #caughtbyrpd #bustedinrincon #playstupidgames Write a comment... Home Friends Watch GIF Marketplace Notifications ... ((:) Menu

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This isn't legal, right? Right?

It Continued to Get Worse from Here

01 o 01 S babe did your daddy teach you how to be a good girl? ImpressionHot3939 [deleted] maybe you need a new daddy [deleted] you're curious arent you babe? [deleted] who will teach you how to be an obeying girl Ew ImpressionHot3939 Ew ImpressionHot3939 Ew ImpressionHot3939 Ew Fo (TD) (3)

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Putin Dress

skoehotel B #volynskoehotel nskoehotel ynskoehotel plynskoehotel #volynskoehotel volynskoehotel #volynskoehotel #volynskoehotel #volynskochotel #volynskoehotel #volynskoehotel Evolynskoehotel #volynsko B w ВОЛЫНСКОЕ KOPECCAPK #volynsk #volyn hotel otel #volynskehotel #volynsko hotel #volynskehotel Mynskehotel skehotel POP S

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Not an Angle

Been called a monster, called a demon, called a fake. Im not an idol, not an angle, or a saint. I walk alone, I always have, im not ashamed. A living nightmare from the cradle to the grave nogrames

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Well That’s Horrifying

Ask away How did you and your husband meet? This is actually pretty funny. My first cousin, (and very good friend at that time) married my husbands best friend. I was 14 when she got married and we lived next door to them. And my Send mess husband would come over and end up at our house every day playing ball etc. he was 22. My husband and I became best friend over the years, and we ended up married 3 years later. I was 17, my husband 25. My Dad and Mom loved Keith to death and they agreed to let us marry, rather than burn My husband got saved during this time and my Dad discipled him over those years. It I was all the Lord

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"Your Out"

1 7:06 I guess you lost interest No, not at all, I was at my friends house today visiting, snacks and dinner. Just got home a little while ago and was going to text you and ask how your day was. A Did you do anything fun today? Sorry your out, you didn't make the cut. You didn't answer several text messages last night and it took me to message you at 11am today to get a response this morning and then you went silent all day today. Good luck iMessage Delivered

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OP clarified their mom found this guy on a dating app. Doesn't seem like she's missing out on much.

I Like

Congratulations that they invented something in a field that they are passionate about? I am happy for you! Keep up the good work 目 5.9K 3 days ago (edited) How many people get to say Add a reply... 3 days ago Hello from India. You woman? I like 12 :

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From Someone's Resume

Modeled for an Indian brand and was approached by H&M and Calvin Klein for portfolio modeling and was consulted for fashion designing for lean bodies. Rode my motorcycle in World's most treacherous road to the world's highest village 15000 ft above sea level in -20 degrees celsius through a snow storm while maintaining a diet, just to get a picture with my abs in the Himalayas proving my determination towards my goals. rk Experience :

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0. r/Emo h Songs about the struggle of waiting for a girl to turn 18? Discussion Vote 12 Share + Award

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Wasting the Alpha's Time

Jan 16, 2023 * 4:36 PM can you beta's just lose already stop trying wasting my time Jan 18, 2023

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Like Bad Reality TV

Southwest Breeze United Sees To All Gates Last night I was witness to maybe one of my favorite awkward moments. We're at the airport and this nervous/sweaty man kept asking me if the plane from Houston had landed. He's sitting across from the board, but I humor him. He then buys roses, candy, and a bear from the vending machines. He asks if I think she'll like it. How would I know dude? Then this lady walks out holding hands with a man and stops in her tracks... yep, that's who sweaty man has been waiting for. She kept asking, "what are you doing here? This is so weird of you!" He gives her the roses, chocolate, and a teddy bear and she's in shock. Her man is like, who is this sweaty man? Epic. The last I saw sweaty had sulked away realizing he made his move wayyyyy too late!

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Yeah, This Seems Healthy

I made this piece because I like this girl. And she's someone who keeps choosing men that are obviously gonna hurt her. I wanna tell her that I'm the one she needs and that I would never do her like that... but a part of me is telling me to sit this one out and watch from the sidelines. "He's Just Gonna Hurt You" 9x12 2023 Charcoal and color pencils $150 MA (19 MIRI

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