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15 Times People Technically Told The Truth

Sometimes when we ask a question we expect a certain answer, at least to some degree. Some people, though, carry an immense amount of wit and talent to find an answer that truly baffles us all. Still you can't argue with them if they're right. That's where technically not wrong comes from. When someone is technically not wrong, they're likely giving you an answer that you just can't argue with. It's probably not what anyone expected to hear, but it's the answer everyone needs and deserves.

Usually it's the conversation ender, because there's just nowhere to go after such a perfect reply. And usually these types of arguments are a little silly, but nonetheless we all need a little lighthearted fun every now and then. Reddit's /r/technicallythetruth is the place for users to share moments of genius that you just can't argue with. Here are 20 of them for you to ponder on for a while.

Not Sure If That's How Tt Works

Like 127 JOE.CO.UK Love Island South Africa criticised for near all-white cast | 5 shares Most relevant ✓ millie Comment 1h Like Reply lovesland kaige Posted in r/facepalm South Africa is 8% white. So it is completly minority casted which makes it one of the most diverse shows there is Share 118 reddit

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He Is The Main Boy

EML J Tik Tok @jayrscottyy Catholic School be like "no long hair for boys" meanwhile there is a picture of a boy with long hair for boys in every classroom. And he's like the main boy

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Yes It Does

Top Awarded 25 $ 152 23 What instantly makes a girl hot? 24.7k TOP COMMENTS NZNzven 13h 16 15 13.5k Share 43 Awards Sudden Powerful Bursts of Electromagnetic Radiation

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Lanan Ethanoles to Replying to @Wendys and @McDonalds What it take for a lifetime supply of spicy nuggs 95 1722 1,525 Wendy's @Wendys. 1d keep buying spicy nuggs for the rest of your life 34 1211 10.8K

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That's True

By People who sell meat are gross. But people who sell fruit and vegetables are grocer. @PunHubOnline

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Most Likely

r/AskReddit What smells better than it tastes? ↑ Share 390 3h BEST COMMENTS ✓ A nose? O 3h 38 Awards 1052 Reply 1.6k

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Isn't That Weird?

how did i fail anatomy 396.6K my brain literally knows where all my organs are 1716 but won't tell me 12.2K

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Spiders Like Bugs

spiders are the only web developers in the world that enjoy finding bugs

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They Didn't Do Anything


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He Didn't

Tom @CFCTom99.1d My Grandad is 75 next year, he didnt fight two world wars for this sillyness 20 355 52 Bobo N1 @MooBozo. 1d The first world war was more than 100 years ago. How did your granddad fight that? 7 27 3 Tom @CFCTom99 106 He didnt fight as I just said

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As Seen From Mars

A very rare photo of the Milky Way viewed from Mars Tilky we Mare

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An Argument He Can Win

Let Them 00 Liz Wheeler @Liz_Wheeler. 1d So churches are not essential... but abortion clinics ARE essential. Got it. 7,493 14.8K 44.3K non podhoretz (NOT the guy f... .21h ✓ Yes because abortion is healthcare, glad I could clear that up for you Liz 95 173 428 ↑ Life Long Vol @vol_long. 5h 600,000 babies a year would disagree with you 2 non podhoretz (NOT the guy from c... ✓ @crookedroads770 Replying to @vol_long and @Liz_Wheeler I could easily win a debate against 600,000 babies

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It's The Best

M @_MercyFul I'd really like to hear the reasoning behind women who won't take their husband's last name Emily Best @emilybest BECAUSE MY LAST NAME IS BEST.

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Poor Whale

r/Weird A humpback whale was found dead in amazon rainforest 521 12h 68 Share Reply + 1 Award This doesn't surprise me. The Amazon rainforest is no place for a whale to survive. 395

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Showed Them

sunshineandhail - 6h . I don't know a woman alive that doesn't appreciate a fit guy in a pair of grey sweatpants 4 74 + Morighan123.5h I'm a woman who is alive and isn't ever attracted to men in any context ... sunshineandhail - 5h . 427 S2 Awards Well, I don't know you so my point stands 130

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