15 Times We Were Tricked By Strange Perspectives

With all the pictures taken and uploaded online, there's always bound to be some weird ones. While a picture can be weird for any number of reasons, these ones are weird because of the Perspective of the camera making the image look like something else entirely at first glance. But the longer you look, the more you'll understand that you've merely fallen victim to either a classic optical illusion or just some really weird photo subjects.

These pictures didn't use Photoshop, artificial intelligence, or any type of photo editing software. Unlike most of the strange images floating around out there right now, there's no bot behind them. It's just some good old-fashioned camera perspective trickery. Whether it makes a person look like they're half animal or nine feet tall, each of these is an example of a time we were tricked by strange perspectives.

Up Or Down?

( 마

Which way is he going?

Baby Arm

For this one, we're also curious about the dog that looks like it's standing up on its own back legs.


18 ORLY KOZUAR H拓 治生 26

That's not a ball, it's the sole fan up in the stands watching the action unfold.

SimpleHuman Trash Can

simplehuman simplehuman

Cute Ear


Alien Horse

Ridley Scott had to be inspired from somewhere.


I was checking out this goat, dog, pig, hybrid Chupacabra looking animal thing for way too long before I realized it...

I could stare at this thing for hours, but it might eat my soul!

Cat Model

Aborombie TEMAY

Wonder what his routine is.

Coffee Dawg


Perspective Painting

#Juandres Vera PANE

Which came first, the Artist painting the Art, or the Art painting the Artist painting the Art?

Afro Hair

Beach Bucket


Seal Face

Frog Face

Old Spice


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