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20 Animal Crossing Memes For The Diehard Fans

Animal Crossing is a classic, long-loved video game by Nintendo. The original Animal Crossing game was released in 2001 for the Gamecube – a highly underrated gaming system, in my opinion. The original game was a fun little simulation game, where you could sell fruits, fish, bugs and fossils to pay off Tom Nook in order to expand your little house. The game is a hit, and since the original, many other versions have been released. Wild World, New Leaf, City Folk, and now New Horizons, the most recent, released in March of 2020, the dark days.

New Horizons is currently the most widely known release. While its initial craze has worn off, there are still many dedicated and loving fans of the game out there, building and living their best island lives and waiting for the still-being-released updates for it to improve more and more. Animal Crossing is the kind of game you play when you just need to chill for a while. Low stress, cute vibes only. Here are 20 Animal Crossing memes created by the community to spark a fresh interest in the games.


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No contest.

What a Guy

Blathers Blathers a single bug 13 bugs and 2 fish

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I Feel Threatened

But that thing... I fear no man. it scares me. made with mematic

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Thank You

M www Katt You'll get more than thanks and a smile from me. You can have a garbage bin too!

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FC 0 OGN The truth is, sometimes you wonder which parent you will have to bury first. And, deep down, you know you have a preferred order for that. - Cut Isabelle dialogue from Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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A little dark.

Your Mom

Blathers You should send this to your mom. This fossil was still walking around when she was learning how to walk.

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Makes Sense

Marcela Garcia Yesterday at 10:10 PM Im drunk and all my thoughts are in animal crossing villager language +

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Me too.


Walt If you don't know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.

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He's Watching


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These bastards: Me excited to be back on my ACNH island after a year of not playing

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Gonna Cry?

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This isnt OSHA compliant Wat 9219 MOD

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You Know The Rules

Tom Nook You want to delete a resident? Yes, yes, I can help with that. You know the rules, it's time to die

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It's Thrilling

byBeli #XenobladeDE @byBeli_02 > Animal Crossing fans be like "yo this gameplay mad intense rn"

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how the everyone got 999m Your current balance is 6,000 Bells.

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Slows Things Down

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Absolutely worth it though.

New Leaf Was Great

sure grandma let's get you to bed New Leaf is infinitely better than New Horizons

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Arguably the best.

Tree Tree

chris @squirtdynamo My sense of humor has come to the point where I'm losing my mind over tree tree

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