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20 Awkwardly Sad Images You'll Feel Bad For Laughing At

Cringeworthy memes are something we're all familiar with at this point, whether its something that's so awkward, so poorly done, or just plain embarrassing. Cringe comes in all kinds of forms. Sometimes something happens that is not only cringeworthy but also really sad at the same time. This is what sad cringe is. Sad cringe is when something is just so awkward, so cringeworthy, that you feel bad for the person who's in the situation. Awkward and embarrassing situations that also make you sad. It's just all around a bad time but for some reason you can't help but watch and laugh. Are we terrible people for laughing at others misfortunes? Maybe.

Reddit has a subreddit dedicated to the collection and sharing of all the most awkwardly sad moments found around the internet. Reddit's /r/sadcringe is where you can go if you just need a good pick me up, something to make you feel not so bad about yourself. Here are 20 painfully cringeworthy moments from around the internet.

Weird Requirements for a Chat

Hey what's up? Today 6:49 pm sure what's your name? you're a girl Hi I'm, Hi I'm here to see if you can let me join the Arsenal FC fan chat? *Straightens tie* DOA Y Hi I'm Message... nice to meet you 53% *combs back hair* sure, you can join if you want, but where do you live , can I join or can I not? you're a girl *Straightens tie* Hi I'm nice to meet you Hi I'm *combs back hair* sure, you can join if you want, but where do you live Message can I join or can I not? 53% I'm not comfortable with telling you that *slowly massages your st* we both support Arsenal, you may as well tell me where you live Okay that's a bit too much for me, bye +

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Maybe Take a Hint

Thu, Apr 13 12:18 AM I'm sorry haha I promise I wanna do this but could we do next week? haha I believe you, no worries. Sure, next Thursday sounds good! Send a message Tue, Apr 18 2:19 PM Hey, still down to get lunch Thursday? Fri, Apr 21 4:12 PM Wanna shoot for Saturday? Mon, Apr 24 11:17 AM Well next Thursday always works Sun, Apr 30 10:57 PM it, how about Friday? Today 12:51 PM Yknow, I'm feeling Monday Sent

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< 12:28 I am the most pathetic & disgusting creature that any woman's ever had the misfortune of seeping out of their. I'm an emotional cripple, my soul is doc > ch and everything about me is ugly. I'm so inept | can't even work up the nerve to off myself and even though I want to die with every fiber of being the 2 other people in me won't allow me to do it. Like DO 4 Comment SEE FULL IMAGE 1/4 Send

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Not Creepy at all


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Normal Guy

8:30PM X I want to call people and talk dirty T-Mobile Wi-Fi 7:54 PM 8:42PM normal guy selfies C 85% What brings you on UD 8:30PM I can see that you searched for normal guy selfies Sont 8:05PM

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Playing Pretend

: Anonymous 1.29 MB GIF 04/11/23(Tue) 12:18:34 No.897401720 >pizza guy arrives >yell out loud 'pizzas here guys!' and have music playing >go to the door and get the pizza and apologise for the noise >give a small tip >go back in and watch a kino and eat the pizza alone because theres no one else there based or cringe?

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On Facebook of all Places

I'm 27 years old and I've only had x 6 times Like 11m . Comment Like Does anyone wanna be with me or does anyone know that wants to sleep with me? Send Comment Send 2

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Dad bursts into tears finding out daughter placed jacket over him Don't you wish girls could stay that way instead of growing up and doing ors 2 w. 12 vind-ik-leuks Reageren Vertaling weergeven Antwoorden verbergen is that what you got out of this video? seriously? 2 w. 24 vind-ik-leuks Reageren Vertaling weergeven its reality 2 w. Reageren yep bc āļœāļī

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Not Like Other Girls

Feminists are raising the market value for us wallflowers Unpopular in General Pretty much the title. I was ignored as plain and boring forever, basically my entire teenagehood. Naive, shy girl, weirdo homeschooled nerd. Not anymore! Simply being untattooed with low body count and reading books all the time has men chasing after me. So as much as I hate feminism for taking away my role as a stay at home mom, I applaud it for raising my dating pool opportunities. 122 179 ↑ Share +

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*starts shaking violently* uumm hi *cowers into corner and waits for answer* *rejoices to the heavens she answered* okay you got this. *voice shaking* I wanted to know if you wanted to see a movie with me? *wipes sweat off face* Uhh what's up? A Sorry but no and idt girls like whatever this is *Looks around fast questioning where I went wrong* but-but I will treat you right. *gets on knees and begs* plz just give me a chance iMessage Goodbye

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Just Sad

him me um me h Me You have an ig? Nah I don't use social media sorry I shot my shot i miss it I'm not a girl though Im gay Oh

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Okay Then

I love girls with low follower count they are so beautiful you are the most gorgeous girl ever and I hope you never get more followers so your beauty 8m Reply a gouss So your beauty is only recognized by me, you are literally the perfect girl and you look like a goddess you are s beautiful, cute, pretty, perfect 6m Reply

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Live Your Truth

Da BoyTruth 9h- When the love is real outside opinions don't matter 330 Like 353 comments 786 shares Comment Share

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Oh friends for what, 5 years now ? i'm sorry idk what to say like i love u as a friend but idk . if its hard to be friends now i totally get that Ok No of course I still want to be friends with you amy Can I atleast pretend like we're dating In my head ?????? huh

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That's Awkward

Im good Had an amazing time last night. Hopefully I'll get to see you tonight Sat, Jan 21, 1:23 PM I could use some cuddles Sat, Jan 21, 8:15 PM Hey. You wanna come over? my bad, I'm just now seeing this. I had a horrible day at work lol i'm not really feeling like going out tonight but I'll be free later this week Ok I'll be home in Lewisville tomorrow. So we can meet up in Lewisville if you want I love you Read 1/21/23

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A Real Tragedy

Wow I wish I could find a guy like you. Lol! Well I mean, there's me.. Haha yeah Delivered

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r/AskMenAdvice 41m Should I tell my bf the real reasons we are breaking up? My boyfriend is wonderful and we've been dating for a year and a half but I don't think I can marry him. Reason 1- He is 5'5 and he once told me that he was the tallest member of his family, so I think the short gene runs strong in his family. I don't want my children to be too short. Plus I am not physically attracted to him so we are less. Reason 2 - He has to support his parents financially. Both of his parents are unemployed and do not have plans to work, so I guess he will have to support them for their entire life. I still love him but I can't imagine a happy future with him. I have already told him that I want to break up and he keeps asking me why. It feels too cruel to tell him the real reasons cuz 1) it's not his fault and 2) he can't fix them. So I just made up trivial reasons but he tried really hard to be a better person so those problems are gone now. Should I be honest or should I just say I fell out of love? (fyi I am a 5'5 female and I don't have to support my parents.) 3 Share Vote + Award

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We had an amazing dinner and a delicious dessert, and then enjoyed a great movie we'd both been looking forward to! Celebration NOW SHOWING Posted in r/Cringetopia DEN CARMEY SONI THE HEDGEHI reddit

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My girlfriend is dumping me for ganyu from genshin impact. I want to end on a high note and make her happy, is there any merchandise of ganyu I can make her happy with? Question

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