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20 'Choosing Beggars' Who Feel Entitled To Just About Anything

Ever heard the phrase "Beggars can't be choosers?" Well, whoever coined that clearly has never seen these people. While it's true that beggars shouldn't be choosers, it certainly hasn't stopped anyone from doing it anyway. Some people feel so entitled that they think they can have whatever they demand without any strings attached. And their demands are particularly out-there, too.

These people have come to be known as "choosing beggars." They're similar to Karens with a lot less self-awareness. They will try everything they can to manipulate people into giving them top-of-the-line items for free, or to convince others that working for "exposure" for their 400 social media followers is the best way to get paid. Here are just a few of this month's most infuriating choosing beggars who really should take a long look at their negotiation practices, because these are just obnoxious.

Billionaire Will Work for Exposure

Black Millionaires Ⓡ @Blac.... 1d Rihanna got paid $0 to perform at the Super Bowl half time show by the NFL but did it for exposure for her brand. Over 28.5 Million people watched her Super Bowl halftime show. Think about this the next time you think you are too big to work for exposure BLACK MILLIONAIRES

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Neighbor Asks a Mom to Babysit Her Daughter Daily for $2.50 an Hour

< 8:00 Okay I'll let her know. In terms of fees I know that home daycare is cheaper and eventually in 2025 it will be $10 a day for both home and regular daycare options, thank God! I have no idea what the going rate is now for home daycare. I just did a quick look online and see this website that shows $23.60 per day. I think $20 a day would work for us? We would bring her bottles as well and her fav toys and snacks. o A 100 Thank you for considering me. Yes, parents are paying about $20 but the government is paying the remaining $30 and in the future the government will pay more, because it is subsidized. I don't get paid by the government. I don't think I can do $2.50 an hour. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to pass. Thanks iMessage

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To clarify, OP said this request came from out of nowhere, and that she does not run a childcare facility. Her neighbor just assumed she'd be okay with this because she is at home taking care of a one-year-old all day, so she thought she could add a second one into the mix. OP is not happy.

Asking Partner's Ex-Wife for Designer Baby Clothes: Part 1

< 2:30 Today 2:16 PM Hey girl. Idk if you heard but me are having a baby girl! Treally love your daughters style and was and * wondering if instead of a gift, if you would send me her clothes that are too little. I like Posh Peanut, monograms, Burberry or anything designer. A M ((. Text Message Congratulations on your pregnancy! Thank you for the compliment on Mary-Charles's clothing! I want to keep some of her more expensive items for my future kids, but I can send you several things with tags still on it from Carters, Nike, and some Posh Peanut? *Cash Also, I don't think our daughters will have the same monograms since your last name starts with an F, but if you're naming her something with an M, then I might have some items? Text Message 0 Gaya

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Asking Partner's Ex-Wife for Designer Baby Clothes: Part 2

< 2:30 A M pregnancy! Thank you for the compliment on Mary-Charles's clothing! I want to keep some of her more expensive items for my future kids, but I can send you several things with tags still on it from Carters, Nike, and some Posh Peanut? Also, I don't think our daughters will have the same monograms since your last name starts with an F, but if you're naming her something with an M, then I might have some items? LOL. It's a gift silly goose. You would need to get a new monogram on it before you send it to us. Her name is going to be Reighlynne Maye. And you can just buy new designer stuff for your next kids. We don't have money like that. Quite Honestly if your not willing to send what I want then don't bother even sending anything at all. My baby is only gonna wear nice clothes. Text Message Cash Coupe

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OP Was Blocked by a "Friend" for Not Giving Money after Their Mom Died

Hey love I just saw your post and I wanted to let you know I'm always here if you need to talk or be distracted or if there's anything at all you need. I'm so sorry for your loss I know there's really nothing that helps but I just wanted to let you know I'm always here for you and I love you so much. DEC 24, 2022, 11:25 AM I love you too, thank you JAN 10, 12:48 PM If you wanted to add to the diaper fund on my registry we would really appreciate it! That what most ppl who got invited but couldn't make it opted for FEB 03, 1:40 AM Did you really unfriend me because I didn't send money to your registry? This person is unavailable on Messenger. More options

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Looks like OP needs better friends.

When the Super Bowl Doesn't Feel Like Paying Workers

6:53 1 Search Ⓒ FOX 5 LOCAL. KVVU-TV = News Crime LAS VEGAS. 2 Weather Alerts In Effect LVAC 24/7 access to top of the line amenities and group X fitness classes Volunteers needed for 2024 Super Bowl in Las Vegas ✓ allegiant stadium C ABOV X Spectators in Allegiant Stadium watch a play during the first half of an NFL football game between the New England Patriots and Las Vegas Raiders, Sunday, Dec. 18, 2022, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/David Becker) (David ADI + 5 OPEN

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American Women Need Not Apply

Hire a Foreign Maid/Cook Process Hello, I am a 24-year-old male homeowner who has a very busy work schedule and doesn't have time to clean or cook after work. Already tried going down the stay-at-home girlfriend route, but can't find one that knows how to cook/clean (American women, ughh) So....I am looking to hire a foreign maid/ housekeeper/cook for a 1-year term (renewable) and pay them a fair wage (fair for a foreign worker) of $100 a week for about 20-25 hours of work, providing free housing, and free food. I don't want to use an agency because they charge ridiculous fees. Finding a person is not the problem. I have a few that want to do this position. Questions: 1. What is the process to hire said worker? 2. How much would it cost in immigration? 3. What VISAS are needed/would be valid for this

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Ah, the Negotiator

Seller Would you trade for a 500GB PS4? PS4 is in good condition and works perfect. Comes with controller and Red Ded Redemption 2 And 50$ cash 7:11 PM Monday Sorry no, I need cash for bills 7:18 PM Monday Yes you either sell to me or u get killed 5:28 PM :| Yeah definitely a no now 5:29 PM User Blocked

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Taking a Woman's Plane Seat Because She Boarded Later

I flew to Tassie during the holidays, I got on a plane and the woman who was supposed to be in the window seat didn't show up till like half an hour (so I got in the seat next to the window), I did ask if she could just sit in my seat (I was strapped in, got a book out and everything) but no, she wanted the seat next to the window... And what's worse she hogged the view (she kept sticking her head in front of mine) of the plane flying over Tassie, I'll do this next time someone's late to their window seat and still insists on sitting there. 1 hr Like Reply 2

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70% Off for Being Bullied in High School and Having Heartburn

9:25 C Marketplace listing $699 - Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5g 256gb MARK AS SOLD Hi Samsung Galaxy S22... Kevin is this still available? Send a quick response Tap a response to send it to the buyer. MORE OPTIONS YES, ARE YOU STILL INTERESTE... SORRY, IT'S NOT AVAILABLE. 9:24 PM Seen by everyone Thank you. I was wondering if I could get a discount. I know that you have probably gotten that a lot but for what it's worth I'm a good dude who has had a hard life. I was relentlessly bullied through highschool and was given several "punishment haircuts" by my stepfather, bullied by the jocks, never went to prom etc. Recently my landlord raised my rent by $300 a month and im barely scraping by. I have chronic indigestion that makes it hard to work and I can't eat tomato based products. I'm looking for the S22 Ultra seems like a great phone and I'm not trying to get some cheap Metro PCS entry level thing that's super slow. I know you're asking $700 which is a bit high as is considering you can get them new for $900 on Amazon. Would you take $250? I could pay you weekly or trade for labor I work on cars if you need anything done let me know thanks for entertaining this either way lol Yes it is Message LILA

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I Wonder How This Happened

Scene: A designer talking with a pros- pective client... Me: The price for the project we're talking about will be [total]. Client: Really? I had another designer work on this for me last year and he did it for free. Me: I'm sorry, I can't work for free. You may want to try going back to him and seeing if he'll do it for free again this year. Client: I can't. He's no longer in business. -NOTALWAYSRIGHT.COM I've loto my two-year-old decided

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Working for "exposure" doesn't get you anywhere.

Looking for a Full-Time Nanny with Terrible Hours for $150 a Week

I will be looking for child care for my 3 kids. 4 days a week. I get my schedule a month at a time and I am able to pay $150 a week, pay is biweekly. I work 6am-2pm so roughly 5:30-2:30 they would be with you. They are all boys. 4 (in 3 weeks), 2, and 1(the end of March). My 2 year old is autistic, so preferred someone who is experienced in that. I will be doing a background check on the individual I choose to hire to watch my children.

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Crowdfunding for Weed and Beanie Babies

23:29 MO ..|| 47%. Crowdfunding Needs Updates: I only have one regular monthly donation now which allows me only $50 but that by no means is enough, sadly. Sometimes I get random ones from folx who have me on their mind/are worried about me but not on a regular basis. My former biggest regular donation ($200) ended as the person was donating to me and a ton of other folx for the last 2 years With that, though, I'm really struggling to afford cannabis & light self care with our very tight budget. We can afford to pay our bills and get some cannabis thru the month but it's just not always enough. Luckily, we got my monthly needs WAY down in cost when compared to the year before and we are working so hard to get my disability approved, hopefully later this year. In terms of needs, my biggest are affording cannabis & light self care like getting my nails done + thrift to find very used, cheap Ty Beanies to add to my big ass collection I just need $500 to afford my cannabis and self care throughout the month $500 needed to afford all my cannabis for the month + very small self care/love acts each week. O ୮

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She seems like someone who really has her priorities straight.

Looking for a Valentine

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I Wonder Why They're Having Employee Retention Issues

Needed: Full & Part time salespersons who won't quit after 2 days, weeks, or months, who works hard, takes pride in their work, cares, and doesn't think they are doing a favor by working here, who can take a joke and won't whine every day on the floor. Must be self-motivated, able to work on some holidays and weekends. Come in to apply or email: TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY- Please do not apply if you: Oversleep, have no alarm clock, have no car, have court often, have no babysitter every day, have to give friends rides to work later than we start work, experience flat tires every week, have to hold on to a cell phone all day, get food poisoning often or become an expert at your job with no need to learn or take advice after the first day. Should not expect to receive Purple Ribbons or Gold Stars for showing up to work on time.

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Dog Sitter on AITA: Part 1

11:53 ←r/Amithe Asshole 020 r/AmltheAsshole u/FreeDogSitter • 8h ib ●●● AITA for asking to be paid for 6 months of constant dog sitting? My sister, Alice, owns a flat with her husband and they have 2 dogs. Alice got a job abroad so they are moving there. They don't know what to do with the 2 dogs yet, so their current plan is to move abroad and wait a few months (up to 6) to decide if they even like it there or if they want to come back home. If they like it there, they will try to find a way to move the dogs there with them, but if it's not possible, they will rehome them in our country. I'm 21 yo, still attending University and I live with my mom. I really want to move out and live alone, but I can't afford it. Alice made me an offer. I can live in their flat for free for 6 months, no rent, no utilities, but I have to take care of their dogs. I'll have to walk them for hours every day, take them to the vet, etc. She said they will pay for anything dog related and will pay for doggy daycare for a few days during my exam periods or if I want to go on a vacation. Add a comment I like her offer, her flat is much closer to my university, but taking care of 2 dogs is a lot of work. I think it's reasonable to be want to be paid for the work I do. If I didn't have to take care of the dogs, I uld get a part time job, if I wanted to. So I feel like hould be reimbursed for that. Alice and our mom says that being allowed to live in

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Dog Sitter on AITA: Part 2

Alice and our mom says that being allowed to live in her flat for free is already enough and I'm being unreasonable and money hungry. When they told me this, I laughed at them and told my sister she could try to find another dog sitter then and I know I'm her best option. Now they are mad at me. AITA? Update: Okay, I dup. I really thought Alice didn't have any other options. My brother just told me she is now talking to our cousin, who lives 2 hours away, but wants to move to our city. They are even talking about possibly making it a long-term thing and Cousin being allowed to stay after the free 6 months is up for reduced rent, only having to pay an equal amount to their mortgage, which would normally only rent him a room... 1699 1158 Judgement_Bot_AITA MOD Beep Boop • 8h ● Share

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Wait until OP sees how much rent costs in the real world. Dog sitting money isn't nearly enough to cover that. This was a great deal.

r/legaladvice u/ThrowRAyui96.23h My dad is forcing me to take a drug test and threatening to take away my trust fund I'm 20, and turning 21 soon and lately I have been having some issues with my dad. He caught me smoking weed a few days ago and now he wants me to take a drug test. He threatened to take away my trust fund if I don't. I really can't take the drug test is there any way that I can sue and keep my trust fund? B 45 Share u/KabbagefromAmex Promoted Apply For Kabbage Funding from Amex. If Approved, Enjoy Flexible Access to Funds. Terms Apply. 99999999999999999989 - 23h What is the source of the trust fund? ThrowRAyui96 OP. 23h.-22 points My dad set it up for me. ... ... Award *** Learn More +53 + ↑ -22 ¹ 99999999999999999989 - 23h Yeah if he set it up he can take it down. You are very unlikely to be get access to it via a lawsuit. 110

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Crowdfunding a Spa Weekend

Self Care/Black Joy/Rest: 3 Days @ Hotel/AirBnB - $400 Cannabis Bath Soaks - $150 Tap Out Tattoo Session - $650 Etsy & Black Art - $200 I really want to raise the funds by tomorrow so I can book my stay by Monday morning to be able to check in at 3. Black history month ends tomorrow so please end it right by supporting myself and others that are immensely struggling to continue not only living but affording to.

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If the App Is Successful, You Might Get Paid

I need 4 professional code writers that can build sophisticated app and social platform. Hard work for a extended amout of time (18-30 weeks), and no pay upfront or guarantee of outcome/or pay, but i can almost assure you itd be worth it. If its a succsess, (probibly will be) you will be compensated. Like Comment ... Share

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