BEST ROBBAR! / Now You See Me 200M+ Views Video

BEST ROBBAR! / Now You See Me 200M+ Views Video

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BEST ROBBAR!, also known as the "Now You See Me 200M+ Views Video" references a viral video playing the iconic "Hidden Card Scene" from the 2016 movie Now You See Me 2. As the scene plays and the main characters in the cast pass to each others a card during a heist, the song Satisfya by Imran Khan[1] plays in the background.


The video "imran khan satisfaya + now you see me scene" was uploaded on September 12th, 2018 by YouTuber Sssally and gained over 270,000,000 views in 2 years (shown below).

Users on the 4chan board /tv/ noticed the video due to its high view rate, and that it was mostly viewed by Indian watchers, who expressed their enjoyment of the scene itself in the comments. Used began to mock the comments due to their broken English and odd group fixations on the scene. A collage of comments circled around on the board, showing Jack Wilder (played by Dave Franco) being submerged by YouTube comments coming from Indian accounts as he's being frisked by a security guard (show below, left). "BEST ROBBAR!" was quoted for the first time on September 30th, 2020[2] by an anonymous /tv/ users, quoting one of the many humorous comments in the collage (shown below, left).

Aayushi rani 11 months ago (edited) Pravin Ugale 2 years ago AR Princess 8 months ago dhananjay kumar 3 days ago R Rajiv Garg 5 days ago Happy Hemant Singh 6 days ago I do this when teacher catches me with chits during xam Please send movie link I watch this every day love it Kichu bolar neii.. Just Awesome Hey, they all how to balance a card. Because they are balanced the card very well. Amazing amazing. Which movie scene is this? ie 52 1 REPLY It 97 REPLY Bharath Reddy 1 year ago #7:05 lam impressed It 6 1 REPLY REPLY edited: never got this much likes View 19 replies Anamika Dk 5 hours ago Neeta Solanki 1 week ago Ie 8.1K REPLY It 817 REPLY R Highlighted reply Why people are giving this much hate to this scene Can you tell me this video's picture Shreyas Balagaon 1 day ago Rajath Rajath 7 months ago REPLY REPLY I think so it is fake because they can't pass the card easily that much speed and in camera it can be caught i think so? Plice give mobile no It 1 1 REPLY Ganesan Boy 1 day ago G You get 1000% Luck if you subscribe 8 hours ago Anybody Watching From India I I love this she do magic AR Princess 8 months ago Zoya Roy 3 days ago Bhagya Bhagya 4 days a It 2 REPLY Kichu bolar neii. Just Awesome How did they do this . .. Just incredible Oh my god super REPLY 1t 97 REPLY it 65 REPLY REPLY Srikar B sunny 2 days ago Yes this video can't get bored View 19 replies • View 12 replies Nga Vo 1 week ago Highlighted reply T Highlighted reply how do they do that? REPLY J Jahid Khan 7 months ago TALAL AHMED 2 days ago REPLY Hii P Editing bro science fiction movi Saram- 26 1 week ago REPLY just how Chandrakala Maheswaram 3 days ago C Wow how u did it it's amazing Gaming with Dark 6 months ago i 1 REPLY REPLY Wow what he's doing. I am stock Jamuna Prasad 1 day ago aditya Birkayllu 7 months ago It 21 REPLY BEST ROBBARI a Bhagya Bhagya 4 days ago When I saw the card scene I was literally fan of them Oh my god super Poonam smart kitchen 6 months ago REPLY it 18 1 REPLY Nice REPLY Priyanka Rong 1 week ago Sudipta Sundaray 2 days ago Piyush Verma 1 week ago Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow Ooo0o my God what is this this vedio is like wowwww just firevi just feel shocked when i was saw this vedio so interesting loved ita So beautiful lady REPLY It 10 REPLY Rahul Chaudary 1 year ago REPLY Supriya Sarkar 1 week ago It totally blast my mind ,amazing w s84eddaI RAJKUMAR SINGH 2 weeks ago RAUL only Legend's She is dammn sexy rajesh kumar 1 week ago Show ur cards in last Rajesh Kumari 1 day ago I 2 REPLY REPLY These is a great greate It 101 REPLY 18.Siddhi Vishwasrao 6 months ago Avinash Kumar 1 year ago REPLY REPLY 4:31 oh my god what a scene man.... Who has seen this video more than one time like sahil rohilla 5 days ago all of trick 1 day ago It 111 It 704 1 REPLY Can anyone tell me the movie name? I'm Indian Village boy REPLY View 19 replies It 2 1 REPLY REPLY Jangay Niraula 2 days ago Srijusha Sen 17 hours ago Highlighted reply Superp 9 wonderful magic Pratap chandra deka Pratap 4 days ago gv rajesh 2 days ago This is the best ever scene, it's so cool.. srinivasa rao 1 year ago What a talent. Wow Who nice REPLY Wish I could do something like this Lol more than 20 times.. know thats so sick ... REPLY REPLY But the mixing of this song with the visuals worth it ! Sudheer Saii 5 days ago REPLY Galtubha Gohil 1 week ago piyush kumar 1 week ago god it's amazing G This song is feet in this video It 5 1 REPLY Name the movie Shazid Kabir 1 week ago Nk Choudhary 2 years ago Sir pleas is movies ko full hd Hindi main translate kro Saloni Singh 1 hour ago (edited) Nk REPLY REPLY I have seen this video more than 100 times...I never got bored jst amazing... Confidence wow just wow brilliant awsome REPLY It 19 REPLY It 11 REPLY

Another user in the thread commented "Why are third world countries so full of SOUL?"[3] as he posted a webm of Indian TikTok user Arhan Khan[4], showing him and some of his friends recreating the scene from the movie, but with a stolen wallet instead of a card. The video[5] was uploaded on June 22nd, 2020, and received over 1,000,000 views and over 115,000 hearts in 8 months (shown below).


The style of posting spread throughout the board and beyond, with anonymous users often referencing Indian accents and memes, with some phrases like "I learn magic for she", "Do the Needful" and "WHY DID YOU REDEEM" becoming popular in the threads regarding the scene (shown below)

Various edits and photoshops of the scene, specifically the moment Wilder spreads his arms in a T-Pose, were posted on /tv/ by anonymous users. On November 8th, 2020, a Joe Biden edit was posted[6] with the caption "I'M A RIDER, PROVIDER" (shown below, left). On February 24th, 2021, an edit featuring the Transphobic Bathroom Guardian was posted (shown below, right).

Ballot Paper

Google Play Card
Another aspect of this meme is the use of Google Play cards as a form of a Mcguffin. This idea speads from Kit Boga streams where Google Play Cards as an integral part of the scam.

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F HD ), JOURNAL 1984


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What really got me is the song ending, silence for a moment, and then it just restarts and lasts longer than the movie clip itself so it’s just a black screen with the song playing.


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