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20 Insane Listings Found On Online Marketplaces

The world of online selling has become more and more accessible for everyone. Anyone can sell just about anything with little to no moderation through sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Further so, they can ask anything for their unwanted gems. It doesn't have to be fair or reasonable. With so much power given to people, some absolute wonders arise for the public's viewing pleasure. Some of the more bizarre items that are listed make you wonder if they are being serious, or if this is one big joke.

People are crazy though, especially Facebook people, so I wouldn't be surprised if none of these are jokes. And hey, some people will do anything for a buck. Finding one of these insane listings in the wild is wonderful, like finding a little surprise amongst other normal things. Reddit users love to document and share these little wild findings with the world. Here are 20 of them curated into a list for your entertainment.


ic Heavier $10 Listed 2 days ago in Portland, TN Send seller a message Is the price negotiable? Send Offer 411 Portland, TN Location is approximate ●●●● Details Condition Very Responsive on Marketplace Joined Facebook in 2010 Save Portland a Send Share Used - Good > Description Are you tired of friends stealing your lighter? Are generic lighters too mainstream for you? Well boy do I have the solution for you. I present the heavier. In opposition to a lighter, the heavier has a heavy concrete construction. No longer can your friends deny stealing your lighter. Also an ideal throwing weight. Will trade for other ridiculous novelty items. See less

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It's not a lighter anymore.

Come And Get It

fenret - $1 obo (Horgsville) come an get it

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I'd get him.


Catholic converter $350 6 53 Awards The power of Chrysler compels you

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No That's Right

3 155 OUS Free Spongebob Collectible $360 $400 Listed about a day ago in Detroit, MI

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It Does Appear That Way

Vintage Bible. Appears signed by Jesus himself. Cash and carry only. Willing to have authenticated for buyer. Serious offers only. Cash only. No western Union or checks. Meet somewhere safe like Walmart where I work. ble New 可 linia 12305 Holy Bible $20,000 SAVANNAH, GA Bible signed by Jesus Nick. Truckin ep on Love, Jesus APIENC MESSAGE

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Gatorade THIRST QUENCHER LEMONADE FLAVOR DRINK - NOUTA 32 FLOZ (1QT)-0.946 1986 Gatorade 32 oz sealed glass 12 bottles $1,000 $1,100 Listed over a week ago in Dracut, MA Send seller a message Hello, is this still available? Send

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Forbidden juice.


Ponch $35

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Hey, It's Free

Sky Zone Foam Free FREE ℗ Public meetup Send seller a message

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One Way to Deal With Them

X Q Victorian Baby Yeet Machine $300 Ships for $4.00 with USPS First Class Mail Estimated arrival Mar 7-9 Buy now : ...

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Someone's Favourite Chair

Chair Needs a Home!! $321

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Kinda sad.

No Lowballers

EVERYTHING 42 minutes ago Big ass mf candle $800 Detroit, MI DETROIT SELL MESSAGE I Been workin on this for about 14 years jus drippin the wax. this aint cheap,, No lowballers

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Fair Price

9 Coke Enjoy vintage antique coca cola display cup $10

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Standers only. Arms bend at shoulders. There are no body cavities. Mouths are closed, no teeth. They come i naked and 2 clothed. $300 Three female mannequins for sale. Message

(Source: Reddit)

I'm scared of the target audience.

Cats Are Fixed Don't Worry

I have two 50 gallon bags full of used dryer lint I've been collecting for a few years. 20$ each bag or 50$ for both. They are great for stuffing pillows, stuffing small dog beds, or to help start fires. They have a good bit of cat hair mixed in, but my cats are fixed so no worries there. NOT OPEN TO TRADES. Serious inquires only. We can meet at the police station if you feel unsafe

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2 x food tuple wear containers. Very handy for the husbands pack lunches or to portion food out before freezing allowing him to eat healthier.. We also found them very useful when trying to get a urine sample from the dog that the vet asked for. Come from a smoke free home £10 NORWICH, ENGLAND 2 x plastic food containers MESSAGE

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High Tech

Bluetooth Wheelie Bin Speaker System $1,650 Listed 17 hours ago in Perth, WA Send seller a message

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Makes Nice Toast

facebook Watertown Buy sell Trade and free 10h. Lightly used, makes nice toast, will accept trades of vehicles/motorcycles. $300 WATERTOWN, NY Toaster Oven 910 startstop Message

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Fair trades.

What a Steal

Coon Joh Crown Royal Bags $150 P Public meetup Send seller a message Hi, is this available? Quạ Co-Fond Sown Royal Send

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Only Gently Used

FREE! GENTLY USED HOTDOGS! Slightly used hotdogs $1

(Source: Reddit)

Used for what?

It's Perfect

AUTHIE DRAKE 2 Drake "nothing Was The Same (deluxe) Cake $85

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