20 Monolith Memes To Abduct You From The Banality Of Everyday Life

20 Monolith Memes To Abduct You From The Banality Of Everyday Life

Last week, the mysterious Utah Monolith took the world by storm. Its sudden appearance, abrupt disappearance and surprising re-appearance in Romania has plenty scratching their heads and looking to the stars.

No, the Monolith probably isn't aliens, as those photos of a couple of dudes hauling this thing out of the desert show, but it is a meme. Oh, god, yes, it's a meme, and this meme is moving.

Over the past week, parodies of the Monolith's re-appearance spread online quicker than a roundtrip flight from Utah to Romania (which I assume is very fast). Check out some of the best below because the truth is out there.

If Your Cold, Monolith's Cold. Let It In.

Nick Lutsko 000 @NickLutsko Just noticed this mysterious monolith in Grandma's basement 1:02 PM · Nov 30, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone

(Source: Twitter)

Down In Front, Monolith

pj evans 000 @pjayevans a new monolith has mysteriously appeared right in front of my tv CTV 6:13 PM · Dec 1, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone

(Source: Twitter)

What If, And Hear Me Out, The Monolith Is A Giant Bong

(Source: Twitter)

The Only Thing Scarier Than Zombies

(Source: Twitter)

The Monolith Is Harmful If Swallowed

(Source: Twitter)

I Said, Let It In.

(Source: Twitter)

They're Here For The Cats

(Source: Twitter)

Are Monoliths High In Saturated Fat?

Joe Lepore 000 @jplepore Shit, the Monolith has reappeared in my kitchen 12:38 PM · Dec 2, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone

(Source: Twitter)

What Time Does Monolith Go On?

(Source: Twitter)

Jesus, It's Changing Shape

(Source: Facebook)

Who's Taller

(Source: Know Your Meme)

Clogged Again

BREAKING NEWS: Another Monolith has been Found

(Source: Tumblr)

This Makes Sense

It Was TARS All Along

How everyone thinks the monolith disappeared: The monolith in the meantime:

(Source: iFunny)

Sorry We Missed You

After repeatedly losing my package, Amazon finally delivered my monolith

(Source: iFunny)

He Meant "Stupid"

People in 2020 seeing strange monolith appearing a Get ready everyone, he's about to do something catastrophic.

(Source: iFunny)


The LSD Blotter The 000 LSD @TheLSDBlotter Blotter Mysterious Monolith discovered turns out to be a Giant Strip of LSD 11:06 AM · Dec 2, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone

(Source: Twitter)

Where It Belongs

spooky odie @od_ yet another mysterious monolith WM WASTE MANAGEMENT 804 233 50 wm.com EURMAX CANOPY Eurmax STANDARD PACKAGEA SIZE: 10 x 10/ 3m x 3m LIFT GROSS WEIGHT: KG www.EURMAX.COM

(Source: Twitter)

Oh, What The F---

dave t-j @david_d_tyler 000 Hey anyone know what this monolith is doing in my driveway? I can't move my car A 11:55 AM · Nov 30, 2020 · Twitter Web App

(Source: Twitter)

You Know He Had To Do It To 'Em. He Had To!

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