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20 Of The Worst (Or Best) Haircuts Out There

We've all had a bad haircut or two in our lives. Generally, when this happens, though, it's not something we want to show off or admit to. It's embarrassing to go out in public when you just know everyone is going to question your sanity based on your hair. While this is the case for most people, some people pour all of their creativity and individuality into their hair, and that's okay, but don't expect people to not judge you. Reddit users scour the world for people with the most interesting haircuts, whether intentional or not, and compile them into subreddits for everyone to wonder at.

Here are 20 people whose barbers did them dirty, or maybe they did exactly as they were asked. No matter who is to blame for the following disasters, we can thank them for the endless entertainment they provide. Maybe you will get some inspiration from these, or maybe it will cause you to look inward and tone down your own hair.

Now That's a Mullet


(Source: Reddit)

It's like a tamed mullet.

That Is Cruel

Since it's illegal to spank them when they misbehave, if they act grown, give them the grown men haircut. Geni an 1100

(Source: Reddit)

A Lot Going on Here


(Source: Reddit)

Good Lord

OB D Falling down stupid drunk, getting in fights,

(Source: Reddit)

Wonder What She Keeps in There

(Source: Reddit)

Secrets? Plans? Animals?

Can't really blame the barber for this one.

Iced Out

(Source: Reddit)

Go Mary


(Source: Reddit)

The feud is real.


(Source: Reddit)

Reminds Me of Saturn


(Source: Reddit)


Double Whammy


(Source: Reddit)

Ultra Karen

Ultra Karen, Summoner of District Managers + 5.6k OKL PACK OF DOGS TERRORIZING GRADY CO. FAMILY N 6:04 138 CALCOM Share SHE

(Source: Reddit)

The final boss.

Just in the Wild Like That

ndwiches Of 7 Se English Mas Togh Ch THE A P M Mulin Ban Muff 15 S 344 10 Gred Classic Bogel Sekt SINDR WA Sp Tack home 1 12 Grid Specialty ge 57 what phot WPA Begels H timbits Boston Cream Tart ¹99 HAR 340-40- 10 no Other Baked Goods no mom CC pompe po cam Al 4

(Source: Reddit)

Receding Mullet

(Source: Reddit)



(Source: Reddit)

This is some sort of mythical creature.


(Source: Reddit)


Deputy Chief Constable Rachel Swann Derbyshire Police BBC NEWS

(Source: Reddit)

Don't Know What to Call This One

(Source: Reddit)

I'm Scared

(Source: Reddit)

Kinda Goes Crazy

ره ------

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