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20 Posts Made On Online Marketplaces That Will Make You Question Your Sanity

The web is filled with marketplaces, and you can find virtually anything you want online if you look hard enough. While you can always buy things from established marketplaces such as Amazon, if you want something specific or a really good deal on something, you're going to have to dig deep. That's where marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace come in.

Reddit /r/crackheadcraigslist collects some of the most bizarre listings on these public marketplaces. Usually, they're either something that no one probably wants or brand-new inventions that you never even knew existed. Regardless, all of these listings are definitely a cause for concern, and will most likely put you off as soon as you see them. Maybe it's okay to hold onto some things instead of selling them to online strangers.


ONLINE (GEMS AND JEWELLERY). Unirte Michae • 28 may.. Ⓒ Gemstone? Looking for buyer..

(Source: Reddit)

We finally found the real-life Professor Eggman.

Perfect Urinals For Walmart

23h. Custom-making these. Cuts down on the splash factor. Will need to measure your toilet. Taking orders. There IS a wait list. $50-$75 169 106 Comments

(Source: Reddit)

What Is Going On In Scotland…

Pa Buy & Sell 7 mins. Old Bacon £6 Cock Bridge Cheers I have some old bacon I don't need anymore. I won't eat it, but it's a terrible waste, I won't see it binned. It's a long story, but it's safe and clean. Pick up only, I can't deliver as I'm under house arrest. ARLOTTE HAPNY SALT KEEPER All CP G åt Official Aberdeen | Gethappyday MESSAGE

(Source: Reddit)

Is The Dog Okay?

12:47 4 X Large Mirror with Oak Frame 29x41 $25 Door pickup :

(Source: Reddit)

What A Steal

1/4 Premium Sexy Lebron James Нead $1,225.00 Free Shipping 5 bids | Ends in 16h 5m Est. Delivery Tue, Aug 31 - Thu, Sep 2

(Source: Reddit)

Great Discount!

We know some of y'all been balling the last few weeks on your tax money but all good things come to a end. For $49.95 we will remove that tracker from your buy here pay here car. Make that Repo guy work for his money for 59.95 we will wire it back up with a battery pack and tie it to a stray cat. (10% discount if you bring the cat ) REK SIDE

(Source: Reddit)

What Are Corndags?

I have corndags for sell. $5 corndags. 2 for $11 or 5 for $50 $5 SAN ANGELO, TX Corndag fundraiser MESSAGE

(Source: Reddit)

A Timeless Collectible

X Q Victorian Baby Yeet Machine $300 Ships for $4.00 with USPS First Class Mail Estimated arrival Mar 7 - 9 Buy now :

(Source: Reddit)

Now you can yeet your baby in style!


3. DOUS Free Spongebob Collectible $360 $400 Listed about a day ago in Detroit, MI

(Source: Reddit)

This Is DEFINITELY Worth Much More!

To Love You Mor $50 Shop Vintage Framed walmart bag 90's-00's Saved by 11 other shoppers Send seller a message Hello, is this still available? Send

(Source: Reddit)


SANDWICH AAN CHILI DOG GENTLY SUCKED ON $6 Saved by 91 other shoppers Ships for $3.75 with USPS First Class Mail Estimated arrival Jun 25 - 29 :

(Source: Reddit)

Free Rent… At A Cost

Looking for a female roommate to pay $0 rent I will not charge you money, but I will be sharing my bed with you as the other room is being used by my parents. They are aware of this arrangment as I have done this before but it has not worked out for reasons I rather not say on here. I will expect hugs at least 5 times a day, and cuddles at least 2 times a day for at least 10 minutes each. You will not be dating any other man during this arrangment, you will have no male friends either. You may have female friends and they may visit if they like. You will also be required to make me meals 3 times a day. Phsyical requriments are as stated: Must be shorter than 5'5", weigh no more than 120 lbs, cacausan or asian only, republican, biologially female, no tattoos, no Muslims, no vegans, no smoking/vaping, marywania, and you MUST shave legs and underarms. I am 44-male/290 lbs last time I checked, 5'6". Please contact me if you would like this arrangment. Vote 2 ↑ Share Award'

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How much are you willing to sacrifice for free rent?

Props For Being Resourceful

Frozen Otter, trapped, green. Maybe for taxidermist. Pale. No damage. Hate to waste it. Pick up or meet. $30. Otter AR Message

(Source: Reddit)

Someone Help Grandma

Craig, 23 12 miles away 100 matches and I'll let Grandma out X

(Source: Reddit)

Great Conversation Starter!

EVERYTHING 42 minutes ago. Big ass mf candle $800 Detroit, MI DETROIT SELL MESSAGE I Been workin on this for about 14 years jus drippin the wax. this aint cheap,, No lowballers

(Source: Reddit)

No lowballers!

New Model Just Dropped

2024 Shopping cart Shoppin cart $850 Denton, TX Fully custom built shopping cart, got it in a trade It is pretty well done, I did a little bit of painti... See more S

(Source: Reddit)

Another Timeless Collectible!

Coke vintage antique coca cola display cup $10

(Source: Reddit)

"Barely Used" Chicken Sandwich

Barely Used Chicken Sandwich $11 P Public meetup Door pickup or dropoff Send seller a message Hello, is this still available? Alert Save FRESH HIGH Share Send Send Offer

(Source: Reddit)

Sticker Included!

Mentalgia algia Eleatedes K PENIS absolutely adorable mini fridge $100

(Source: Reddit)

Russia Is Going Wild!

Avito "wireless extension cord" Беспроводной удлинитель 220v 5 700 Р или предложите свою цену "

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