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20 Times Kids Did Something So Dumb They Earned Internet Fame

Kids are dumb. But we also, as kids did some questionable stuff that we're glad wasn't recorded and published on the internet. But these kids are not as lucky as we are. Their stupid activities were recorded and left to be seen by everyone online. Should they be guilty? You be the judge. Reddit's /r/kidsaref***ing stupid is dedicated to sharing stories and pictures of kids doing things that are, well, stupid. Like the time a kid stuck a fork in an electrical socket, or when a kid thought it would be a good idea to paint the family cat green.

Of course, there are also posts that are a little concerning. Like the time a kid tried to microwave their pet hamster, or when a kid thought it was a good idea to climb up a tall tree without any supervision. It's like these kids are trying to give their parents a heart attack. So, if you're in the mood for some funny and sometimes cringeworthy stories about kids being, well, stupid, you're at the right place. Just be prepared to question your faith in the future generation.

That's far from the original.

Once I went to a spelling competition. The first kid got the word "Of and spelled it "U-V".

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Did they just write it they way they pronounce it?

Overheard a conversation between kids on Valentine's Day.

7 year old boy: "man I miss being single." 8 year old boy: "I have 16 girlfriends. 6 white and 10 black." 5 year old boy: "I used to have 3 girlfriends, but I dumped one."

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"Oh God I miss being single," must be hard for you little guy.


Claire Willett @clairedwillett : My 4y/o slipped half a corn cob in a water bottle + called it "corn water" + screwed it tight + checks it daily + guards it scrupulously + tonight he took a stealthy sip + announced "it needs another day" + I just realized he's making ... moonshine? 4:26 PM Sep 3, 2022

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Life ruined.

when my daughter was three, i told her to stop trying to draw on the dog with crayons. she threw the crayon on the floor, looked me dead in the eye and yelled, "daddy, you're ruining my life!"

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We all hate crayons now.


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They know something we dont.

J. B. Pittsburgh, PA 17 hr ago J At bird park a bunch a kids no older than 8 or 9 id say, strapped fireworks to each others pelvic areas and were jumping over a campfire to see whos would light first. This is not a crime however I do find it unsafe and disturbing. 34 ● Like 33 E

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Jesse, we need to cook.

What will you remember most about kindergarten? WE 1200 Dip MFTh

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What was Walter White even doing at a kindergarten?

Kids are dumb, aren't they?

›))-(( Made in China M FCC ID: MG3300 This device complies wit Operation is subject to the Tones ASMARIES CANDY 3000 2001 2 710

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Must've been embarrassing.

When I was 9 I watched frozen and thought I had the same powers as Elsa cause I had dandruff so I told my class I had snow powers and started scratching my scalp

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These are the thoughts and past activities that you remember at 3a.m. on a tuesday that'll leave you sleepless.

Smartest parent award goes to…

When I was little, my dad made me believe I could use the bathroom for him. Before going on trips or something, he would say, hey! I need to use the bathroom but I'm busy, can you go for me? after I used the bathroom he'll say thank you. Now I understand it all as a parent. tRepost > Tropical luhluh7991 167.2K 573 6689 1387

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When you use a kid's stupidity to make them learn.

told my kids they were allowed to hit each other once per day so they should really think it through and not waste their one hit and now they're calmly discussing when might be the best time to hit each other (but the actual hitting has stopped, I'm a genius)

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That's definitely not how it works.

I have a fourth grade student named James whose birthday is on Valentine's day. His buddy laughed and knowingly said, "I think we all know why James was born on Valentine's Day!" Nathan, that's not how it works.

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"Exit" not "Netflix"


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Attempt to understand death.

Today 9:25 AM I'm literally laughing so hard I'm crying. asked about my sick cat having to go to the doctor and I explained he was too sick and died and went to kitty heaven. He made a sad face then jumped up and did this and said "did he look like this?!"

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Lessons were learnt.

Savage X Cee @ceexcoffee When I was 10, my sister and I decided to throw the metal closet pole up and see if we can catch it. When we mastered that, she convinced me to try and do it with my eyes closed. I did not catch it, but I did sport a knot the size of a golf ball for a week.

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What even is he up to?

There are those kids who won't eat the crust. And then, there's my kid...

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A very good question.

be a center to reach these goals 124 1 Write a question you might ask a United Nations representative. Can pet Instruction Tell children that citizenship means the duties and responsibilitie being a member of a community. Remind children that the purpose of the Ur hring the world together to work for peace and development. Invite them to list of goals for their s have Bison ?

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At least they're honest.

6/A. 6/A. Draw a figure to show mlin W B. Explain how you knew you had shaded the correct parts of your picture. i dia Net 16

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Adding an option.

4 14. Is the solid figure a cube? Choose Yes or No. 8 Yes захве No Yes May Be No 15. Use the dot paper. Draw a cube. M 11.36 Yes Omav O No hari a bila eredus 89009 o cool doo3 V O Yes 60 таве No о ) 1 16. Divide the rectangle into rows and columns of squares the same size as the gray square. Then cou and record the number of squares. 3 BO

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This is actually smart but that's definitely not going to get him marks.

Still got the desired bangs soo..

retai 人 KELA DOLCE

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